Making this even more surprising is the track record of Rob Cohen, a veteran whose feature credits go back to 1980 ("A Small Circle of Friends") who has scored three $100-million+ films in the last 11 years ("The Fast and the Furious," "XXX," and "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor").

What comes next: The Cinemascore indicates that those who came to see this liked it. But the results suggest that Perry's established persona makes it tough to sell him as a conventional leading man. A planned sequel now seems unlikely.

6. Sinister (Lionsgate) Week 2 - Last Weekend: #3

$9,030,000 (-50%) in 2,542 theaters (+15); PSA: $3,552; Cumulative: $31,950,000

Lionsgate got its bang for the buck with this lower-budget horror film despite the falloff.

What comes next: More competition from yet another new horror film opening next week.

7. Here Comes the Boom (Sony) Week 2 - Last Weekend: #5

$8,500,000 (-28%) in 3,014 theaters (unchanged); PSA: $2,754; Cumulative: $23,300,000

Following a disappointing opening, the small drop this weekend is mildly encouraging. But this is still not likely to be around for too long.

What comes next: This still looks like it will be the lowest grossing Kevin James-starring film.

8. Pitch Perfect (Universal) Week 4 - Last Weekend: #6

$7,000,000 (-25%) in 2,660 theaters (-127); PSA: $2,090; Cumulative: $45,800,000

Another modest drop as this sleeper success heads to $50 million+.

What comes next: These grosses for a non-franchise film with a modest budget ($17 million) and less costly niche marketing should encourage those who want to take risks with non-presold projects.

9. Frankenweenie (Buena Vista) Week 3 - Last Weekend: #7

$4,400,000 (-38%) in 2,362 theaters (-643); PSA: $1,863; Cumulative: $28,300,000

Particularly considering the loss of theaters, this isn't a bad fall for this otherwise underperforming Tim Burton film.

What comes next: Halloween weekend could keep it in the top 10 one more time.

10. Looper (Sony) Week 4 - Last Weekend: #8

$4,200,000 (-32%) in 2,223 theaters (-382); PSA: $1,889; Cumulative: $57,800,000

A small drop as this keeps drawing audiences despite strong competition.

What comes next: At $135 million worldwide with more to come, this modestly budgeted film ($30 million) already is a major success.