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Weekend Box Office Top Ten: 'Argo' Sings, 'Cloud Atlas' Doesn't

Box Office
by Tom Brueggemann
October 28, 2012 1:04 PM
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'Paranormal Activity 4'
Paramount 'Paranormal Activity 4'
4. Paranormal Activity 4 (Paramount) Week 2 - Last Week #1

$8,675,000 (-70%) in 3,412 theaters (no change); PSA: $2,542; Cumulative: $42,632,000

Huge fall off, but in this weak field, this was still good enough for fourth place. This is less than half of what the second weekend was for "PA3" last year.

What comes next: The low cost of this series still makes moving forward a reasonable move.

5. (tie) Silent Hill: Revelation (Open Road) NEW - Cinemacore: C; Metacritic score: 17

$8,000,000 in 2,933 theaters; PSA: $2,728; Cumulative: $8,000,000

Perhaps one too many new horror films this month, but this still is a major disappointment. Projected as the most likely #1 film this week, it opened weak on Friday and fell hard since. A sequel to Sony's 2006 original, this Canadian production was acquired by the AMC/Regal Theater combine Open Road with a reported guarantee of $20 million for marketing. It now will ultimately gross under that. Also, this suggests that 3-D is getting to be less of a draw for routine films.

What comes next: A quick departure.

5.  (tie) Taken 2 (20th Century-Fox) Week 4 - Last Week: #3

$8,000,000 (-40%) in 2,995 theaters (-494); PSA: $2,671; Cumulative: $117,389,000

Solid fourth week for this French Liam Neeson action thriller that still is showing strength.

What comes next: Though it is starting to lose theaters, this will still be around for a while.

7. Here Comes the Boom (Sony) Week 3 - Last Week: #7

$5,500,000 (-35%) in 2,491 theaters (-523); PSA: $2,208; Cumulative: $30,610,000

Maintaining its position shows a degree of good reaction after its weak opening.

What comes next: Kevin James showed enough of a fanbase to guarantee that he'll be back, though perhaps retooled a bit.

8. Sinister (Lionsgate) Week 3 - Last Week: #6

$5,070,000 (-43%) in theaters (-195); PSA: $2,347; Cumulative: $39,515,000

Helped by the pre-Halloween horror interest, this actually held respectfully enough as this gets into success territory.

What comes next: Post-holiday, this should disappear quickly.

9. Alex Cross (Lionsgate) Week 2 - Last Week: #5

$5,050,000 (-56%) in 2,541 theaters (+2); PSA: $1,987; Cumulative: $19,369,000

About what would have been expected after last week's underwhelming opening.

What comes next: This is not a performance that would justify continuing the series, which had been the expectation.

10. Fun Size (Paramount) NEW - Cinemascore: B; Metacritic Score: 39

 $4,060,000 in 3,014 theaters; PSA:; Cumulative: $4,060,000

This low budget ($14 million) Nickelodeon production, from a group of people previously successful in TV, underperformed this weekend. It's not a great time to release a new kids' film with all the Halloween activity competing for their attention (as well as "Hotel Transylvania.") Still, this is a real disappointment.

What comes next: With Disney's animated "Wreck It Ralph" opening next week, this has little room to grow even if it does get good word of mouth.


  • Someone | October 28, 2012 9:39 PMReply

    "Tom Hanks now has had three underperforming starring roles in a row (after "Extremely Loud and Dangerously Close" and "Larry Crowne") after nearly three decades of almost guaranteed success each time out."

    It's "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close"...

  • Obloodyhell | October 28, 2012 5:50 PMReply

    Cloud Atlas is decent, but more of a thinking pic than most Wachowski stuff. It will certainly make its money back in video release if not before...

  • cukorbogar | November 4, 2012 1:11 PM

    Cloud Atlas, the book, was amazing, really blew me away and I was more than suprised to learn that they try to make a film out of it. I mean, it could be /could have been (I haven't seen it yet) one of a kind, something truly great, but no easy job at that. The book was demanding, and absolutely worth every moment of reading, but films are made of different fabric. And the multi story premise is not easy to absorb, the connections in the book are so-subtle, rather allegorical. So I am loooking forward to it, watching the movie, I mean, but I would suggest reading it, to anyone who may consider doing so.

  • obh | October 28, 2012 5:53 PM

    Correction: thinking *only* piece... If you go in expecting Matrix-like action peeps will be disappointed.

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