Keith David and Halle Berry shooting "Cloud Atlas"
Courtesy of Pacific Cost News Keith David and Halle Berry shooting "Cloud Atlas"
4. The Man With the Iron Fists (Universal) NEW - Cinemascore: C+; Metacritic score: 53

$8,200,000 in 1,868 theaters; PSA: $4,400; Cumulative: $8,200,000

Hip-hopper RZA made his directorial debut with this US/Hong Kong martial arts hybrid, presented by Quentin Tarantino, co-written by Eli Roth and featuring the eclectic casting of Cung Le, Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu, all resulting in a so-so gross. Audience reaction seems to be mixed, with Saturday falling from opening day.

What comes next: With a $15 million budget, worldwide interest could make up the difference, but this won't last long at US theaters.

5. Taken 2 (20th Century-Fox) Week 5 - Last Weekend: #6

$6,000,000 (-22%) in 2,639 theaters (-356); PSA: $2,274; Cumulative: $125,667,000

Just like its predecessor, this "Taken" entry is holding way better than normal for an action film. Despite some loss of theaters, its position rose one notch.

What comes next: Though it didn't appear likely at first, this now has a real shot of equalling the domestic gross of "Taken" ($145 million).

6. Cloud Atlas (Warner Brothers) Week 2 - Last Weekend: #2

$5,250,000 (-45%) in 2,013 theaters (+5); PSA: $2,674; Cumulative: $18,262,000

Not an encouraging holdover for this expensive sci-fi epic, which started off below expectations and looks like its appeal is not spreading beyond an enthusiastic core of supporters.

What comes next: International - still to come - is the only hope for making a dent in the high cost of this effort.

7. Hotel Transylvania (Sony) Week 6 - Last Weekend: #3

$4,500,000 (-52%) in 2,922 theaters (-354); PSA: $1,540; Cumulative: $137,568,000

With Halloween over and "Wreck-It Ralph" opening, this very successful Sony Animation entry finally came down to earth.

What comes next: Minor matinee business, otherwise nearly done.

8. Paranormal Activity 4 (Paramount) Week 3 - Last Weekend: #4

$4,300,000 (-49%) in 3,006 theaters (- 406); PSA: $1,430; Cumulative: $49,577,000

Also suffering the post-Halloween blahs, it still managed to add to the already profitable returns it achieved initially.

What comes next: More paranormal activity is likely with the very low cost of these films.

9. Here Comes the Boom (Sony) Week 4 - Last Weekend: #7

$3,600,000 (-31%) in 2,314 theaters (-177); PSA: $1,556; Cumulative: $35,572,000

Kevin James' fans are keeping this alive longer than expected after its weak opening.

What comes next: With Sony opening "Skyfall" this week, they won't push too hard to keep this going.

10. Silent Hill: Revelation (Open Road) Week 2 - Last Weekend: #5

$3,300,000 (-59%) in 2,933 theaters (no change); PSA: $1,125; Cumulative: $13,900,000

Steep falloff after a disappointing opening.

What comes next: Further revelations not likely.