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Weekend Box Office Top Ten Led by 'Skyfall, 'Lincoln' Scores in Limited Release

Box Office
by Tom Brueggemann
November 11, 2012 12:49 PM
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 Zemeckis and Washington on set of 'Flight'
Paramount Zemeckis and Washington on set of 'Flight'
3. Flight (Paramount) Week 2 - Last Weekend: #2

$15,100,000  (-40%) in 2,047 theaters (+163); PSA: $7,325; Cumulative: $47,770,000

Likely hurt by "Skyfall," this still performed credibly in its second weekend, more so considering that it still is playing at only a little more than 2,000 theaters. Still, with the sense of strong positive reaction initially, this is more of a drop than might have been expected.

What comes next: With other films competing for older audiences (and "Lincoln" goes wide next week), this is going to continue to fight for attention. It should still manage at least $100 million, which its low pricetag ($35 million) will put it into profit even before international comes along.

4. Argo (Warner Brothers) Week 5 - Last Weekend: #3

$6,745,000 (-34%) in 2,763 theaters (-11); PSA: $2,411; Cumulative: $85,711,000

More than holding its own against intense competition, Ben Affleck's thriller fell only modestly.

What comes next: These grosses guarantee extensive playoff through the upcoming Thanksgiving period in many theaters, easily passing $100 million and grossing as much or more than other top Oscar contenders.

5. Taken 2 (20th Century-Fox) Week 6 - Last Weekend: #5

$4,000,000 (-33%) in 2,487 theaters (-152); PSA: $1,608,000; Cumulative: $131,287,000

This is becoming as much a phenomenom as its predecessor. A small one third drop this late in the run, and then with major competition, is amazing, even more so for a sequel. Getting ever closer to the $145 million of "Taken" was not anticipated, but it now has a real chance. The $210 million gross over and above the domestic take is more than double what the first film did. All this on a $45 million budget.

What comes next: French producer Luc Besson, solidifies his position as a major force in global filmmaking.

6. Cloud Atlas (Warner Brothers) Week 3 - Last Weekend: #6

$2,525,000 (-53%) in 2,023 theaters (+10); PSA: $1,248; Cumulative: $22,712,000

Give Warners credit for maintaining their theater count, but this drop will make their job much more difficult, even if with little competition beyond the top 5.

What comes next: International is opening slowly, but most major territories don't open until next year as multiple companies release this overseas.

7. Pitch Perfect (Universal) Week 7 - Last Weekend: #11

$2,500,000 (-18%) in 1,391 theaters (-111); PSA: $1,812; Cumulative: $59,000,000

This lost theaters, the gross fell (although only a little), yet jumped four positions this weekend. This not only shows that this film reached its target female audience, but how weak all but the top-grossing films are.

What comes next: The unusual marketing pattern for this (initial more limited release, relying heavily on social media for advertising) paid off big time, and likely will be followed by others as an alternative for lower-budgeted films aimed at more niche audiences.

8. The Man With the Iron Fists (Universal) Week 2 - Last Weekend: #4

$2,500,000 (-69%) in 1,872 theaters (+4); PSA: $1,330; Cumulative: $12,700,000

This Quentin Tarantino/Eli Roth supported American martial arts film started weak and went downhill from there.

What comes next: The rest of the world and other revenues might get this low-budget ($15 million) film to profit, but this has been a disappointment. But at least Universal is attempting to broaden their slate beyond just franchise films (with "Pitch Perfect" being an example of how this can pay big dividends).

9. Here Comes the Boom (Sony) - Week 5 - Last Weekend: #9

$2,550,000 (-29%) in 2,044 theaters (-270); PSA: $1,721; Cumulative: $39,061,000

This didn't open anywhere close to what was expected, but Kevin James' fans must like this film, since they keep sustaining it now into a second month.

What comes next: The strong hold will help to keep James in demand, but perhaps more as a co-lead than main draw.

10. Hotel Transylvania (Sony) - Week 8 - Last Weekend: #7

$2,350,000 (-54%) in 2,566 theaters (-356); PSA: $920; Cumulative: $140,904,000

Wrapping up a very successful run.

What comes next: The expected sequel has just been confirmed.

Box Office
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  • Rhonda | November 11, 2012 2:08 PMReply

    From Defiance to Cows and Indians to that horror flick he did with his wife, Daniel Craig's films outside of Bond underperform. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was marketed as a David Fincher movie with Rooney Mara the prime actor on display. Skyfall made money because of great reviews, Sam Mendes, Javier Bardem and the wall to wall advertising including during the Olympics. When walking out Daniel Craig is not the person fans are talking about. I will bet you that Daniel Craig's next none Bond film won't do well.

  • teddy | November 11, 2012 1:24 PMReply

    amazing numbers

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