Hope Springs
Hope Springs

Acquired just before Cannes by the Weinstein Co., the indie-financed film was produced by Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick ("Working Girl," "Gladiator," "Memoirs of a Geisha," Baz Luhrman "The Great Gatsby").

What comes next: The Weinsteins, after a post-"Artist" period where only "Intouchables" has kept them much in public view, now launches a much more expensive and high impact slate from now to the end of the year.

3. "The Expendables 2"  (Lionsgate) - Week 3; Last Weekend: #1

$8,800,000 (-34%) in 3,334 theaters (-21); PSA: $2,639,000; Cumulative: $66,159,000

With a normal third week drop, similar to what its predecessor had, this is holding on well enough.

What comes next: Considering this had one less summer week than "The Expendables" and opened opposite the Olympics, ending up at not far behind its cost is a reasonable performance.

4. "The Bourne Legacy" (Universal) - Week 4; Last Weekend: #2

$7,200,000 (-22%) in 3,131 theaters (-523); PSA: $2,315; Cumulative: $96,200,00

Falling only 22%, this is a clear sign of life for this retooled series entry as word of mouth among adult audiences seems to be paying off.

What comes next: With domestic heading toward  $120 million and most of the world yet to open, this looks like despite a $125 million budget, this still could slowly head into profitable territory.

5. "ParaNorman" (Focus) - Week 3; Last Friday: #3; Last Weekend: #3

$1,407,000 (-36%) in 3,085 theaters (-370); PSA: $456; Cumulative: $32,886,000

Another modest decline, but still falling off much faster than Laika Animation's earlier "Coraline."

 What comes next: "Coraline" ended up at $75 million, up to 50% better than this will reach.

6. "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" (Buena Vista) - Week 3; Last Weekend: #6

6,055,000 (-15%) in 2,635 theaters (+37); PSA: $2,298; Cumulative: $35,900,000

A decent hold with a chance that the long holiday weekend could boost it further as the slowly is edging toward modest success.

What comes next: This has yet to open internationally, where its fate is uncertain, but with the relatively low budget for this family-oriented story, this looks like it could still be a modest success.

7. "The Dark Knight Rises" (Warner Brothers) - Week 7; Last Weekend: #5

$5,880,000 (-19%) in 2,187 theaters (-419); PSA: $2,689; Cumulative: $431,196,000

However much this lags behind "The Dark Knight," this is still finding new viewers with a very modest fall off as the total worldwide gets ever nearer the $1 billion mark.

What comes next: More emphasis on this film's big success rather than quibbles about its domestic total being a bit below the hoped for increase over the last one.

8. “The Campaign” (Warner Brothers) – Week 8; Last Weekend: #4
$5,445,000 (-27%) in 2,941 theaters (-361); PSA: $1,851; Cumulative: $73,022,000

Sticking around nicely despite dropping four places.

What comes next: This is going to get closer to $100 million than initially expected, though still a bit short.

9."2016 Obama's America" (Rocky Mountain) - Week 8; Last Friday: #4; Last Weekend: #7

$1,600,000 (-26%) in 1,750 theaters (+659); PSA: $914; Cumulative: $14,700,000

After a series of impressive weekdays where this ranked #3, even a substantial jump in theaters didn't prevent a substantial PSA falloff. Still, this has been an unexpectedly strong performer.

What comes next: Will Clint Eastwood's audition lead to an appearance in any sequel?

10. "Hope Springs" (Sony) - Week 4; Last Friday: #9; Last Weekend: #9

$4,700,000 (-18%) in 2,441 theaters (+39); PSA: $1,925; Cumulative: $52,057,000
A very solid performance as this quietly turns into another hit for the intrepid Meryl Streep.

What comes next: This will hang on for most of September climbing to a solid final gross.