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Weekend Box Office Top Ten Led by 'The Possession' and 'Lawless,' Disaster 'The Ooogieloves' Brings Up Rear UPDATE

Photo of Tom Brueggemann By Tom Brueggemann | Thompson on Hollywood September 2, 2012 at 2:15PM

Grosses for Labor Day weekend are about even with last week’s as well as the same as last year (always the weakest holiday), led by overperforming Lionsgate horror entry "The Possession," hitting the youth crowd, while Weinstein's "Lawless" is delivering at expected levels with a discrete older audience.
Hope Springs
Hope Springs

Acquired just before Cannes by the Weinstein Co., the indie-financed film was produced by Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick ("Working Girl," "Gladiator," "Memoirs of a Geisha," Baz Luhrman "The Great Gatsby").

What comes next: The Weinsteins, after a post-"Artist" period where only "Intouchables" has kept them much in public view, now launches a much more expensive and high impact slate from now to the end of the year.

3. "The Expendables 2"  (Lionsgate) - Week 3; Last Weekend: #1

$8,800,000 (-34%) in 3,334 theaters (-21); PSA: $2,639,000; Cumulative: $66,159,000

With a normal third week drop, similar to what its predecessor had, this is holding on well enough.

What comes next: Considering this had one less summer week than "The Expendables" and opened opposite the Olympics, ending up at not far behind its cost is a reasonable performance.

4. "The Bourne Legacy" (Universal) - Week 4; Last Weekend: #2

$7,200,000 (-22%) in 3,131 theaters (-523); PSA: $2,315; Cumulative: $96,200,00

Falling only 22%, this is a clear sign of life for this retooled series entry as word of mouth among adult audiences seems to be paying off.

What comes next: With domestic heading toward  $120 million and most of the world yet to open, this looks like despite a $125 million budget, this still could slowly head into profitable territory.

5. "ParaNorman" (Focus) - Week 3; Last Friday: #3; Last Weekend: #3

$1,407,000 (-36%) in 3,085 theaters (-370); PSA: $456; Cumulative: $32,886,000

Another modest decline, but still falling off much faster than Laika Animation's earlier "Coraline."

 What comes next: "Coraline" ended up at $75 million, up to 50% better than this will reach.

6. "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" (Buena Vista) - Week 3; Last Weekend: #6

6,055,000 (-15%) in 2,635 theaters (+37); PSA: $2,298; Cumulative: $35,900,000

A decent hold with a chance that the long holiday weekend could boost it further as the slowly is edging toward modest success.

What comes next: This has yet to open internationally, where its fate is uncertain, but with the relatively low budget for this family-oriented story, this looks like it could still be a modest success.

7. "The Dark Knight Rises" (Warner Brothers) - Week 7; Last Weekend: #5

$5,880,000 (-19%) in 2,187 theaters (-419); PSA: $2,689; Cumulative: $431,196,000

However much this lags behind "The Dark Knight," this is still finding new viewers with a very modest fall off as the total worldwide gets ever nearer the $1 billion mark.

What comes next: More emphasis on this film's big success rather than quibbles about its domestic total being a bit below the hoped for increase over the last one.

8. “The Campaign” (Warner Brothers) – Week 8; Last Weekend: #4
$5,445,000 (-27%) in 2,941 theaters (-361); PSA: $1,851; Cumulative: $73,022,000

Sticking around nicely despite dropping four places.

What comes next: This is going to get closer to $100 million than initially expected, though still a bit short.

9."2016 Obama's America" (Rocky Mountain) - Week 8; Last Friday: #4; Last Weekend: #7

$1,600,000 (-26%) in 1,750 theaters (+659); PSA: $914; Cumulative: $14,700,000

After a series of impressive weekdays where this ranked #3, even a substantial jump in theaters didn't prevent a substantial PSA falloff. Still, this has been an unexpectedly strong performer.

What comes next: Will Clint Eastwood's audition lead to an appearance in any sequel?

10. "Hope Springs" (Sony) - Week 4; Last Friday: #9; Last Weekend: #9

$4,700,000 (-18%) in 2,441 theaters (+39); PSA: $1,925; Cumulative: $52,057,000
A very solid performance as this quietly turns into another hit for the intrepid Meryl Streep.

What comes next: This will hang on for most of September climbing to a solid final gross.

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