Clint Eastwood and Justin Timberlake in "Trouble with the Curve"
Clint Eastwood and Justin Timberlake in "Trouble with the Curve"
7. Trouble With the Curve (Warner Brothers) Week 3 - Last Weekend: #4

$3,870,000 (-47%) in 3,003 theaters (-209); PSA: $1,289; Cumulative: $29,710,000

Normal drop as this Clint Eastwood-starrer has not developed the word of mouth that it needed to boost this from its mediocre opening.

What comes next: An ultimate gross of around $40 million will fall more than $100 million below Eastwood's last acting role, "Gran Torino."

8. House at the End of the Street (Relativity) Week 3 - Last Weekend: #5

$3,698,000 (-48%) in 2,720 theaters (-363); PSA: $1,360; Cumulative: $27,531,000

Tailing off after stronger earlier performance, this modest horror film got what it could from having Jennifer Lawrence as its star, but not much else.

What comes next: No more Lawrence horror films for a while.

9. The Master (Weinstein) - Week 4 - Last Weekend: #9

$1,840,000 (-31%) in 864 theaters (+8); PSA: $2,130; Cumulative: $12,315,000

Stabilizing nicely, holding position with a modest falloff after so far not showing the same level of public acclaim compared to the over-the-moon critical response.

What comes next: Still looking like it will end up around $20 million before the scheduled wider release down the line when expected awards and nominations come along.

10. Finding Nemo 3D (Buena Vista) - Week 4 - Last Weekend: #7

$1,555,000 (-61%) in 1,746 theaters (-893); PSA: 891; Cumulative: $38,969,000

Why are we getting so many 3D animated films? Three in the top 10 the same week is why. With the other skewing slightly older (PG), the G-rated "Nemo" still holds on.

What comes next: Probably very few 2D animated studio releases.