Thompson on Hollywood

True Grit is the 2010 movie I cannot wait to see--and the big unknown for Oscar watchers. We'll all have to wait until Joel and Ethan Coen finish the movie in time for a December 25 release. But the trailer hit today (below).

I am a western fan. So no apologies for my enthusiasm here. That said, the Coens' Oscar-winner No Country for Old Men was a contemporary western and this one is, clearly, not only period but hardboiled (based on the Charles Portis novel). It looks like Hailee Steinfeld functions in the Fran McDormand role in Fargo: in other words, where there is nastiness and darkness all around her--as embodied by the tough birds played by Jeff Bridges (in John Wayne's Rooster Cogburn role), Josh Brolin and Matt Damon--she is the light. There's an Unforgiven flavor to this.