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Trailer Watch: HBO's Temple Grandin Stars Claire Danes

by Anne Thompson
January 20, 2010 8:07 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood

At the jam-packed Paramount pre-Golden Globes party at the Chateau Marmont, I was talking with Jodie Foster, who is editing her Summit drama The Beaver, starring old pal Mel Gibson--"you've never seen him like this before," she promised. She also insisted that she will never change the title, which refers to a Beaver hand puppet who tells the Gibson character what to do.

At the party, Star Trek's Anton Yelchin stepped up, who stars in The Beaver, followed by Claire Danes (she starred in Foster's Home for the Holidays, and took a break from her acting career in 1998 to attend Yale at Foster's behest). Foster asked Danes about her recent marriage in France to Hugh Dancy, and Danes giggled with delight, sounding like any recent bride who hopes the blurred rite-of-passage she just endured worked for all concerned.

I've been hearing good word on Danes' new HBO movie Temple Grandin, based on a a true story by Oliver Sachs I read in The New Yorker, about an autistic woman who revolutionized the design of cattle chutes.

Here's the trailer. Temple Grandin debuts February 6. Speaking of autism, Charlie Rose had expert Gerald Fischbach on his show Tuesday night, who was more informed about the explosive growth (one in 100 people are born with it now) and causes (it's genetic, due to multiple evolutionary mutations) for autism than anyone I've yet heard.

1 Comment

  • jsalinger | January 31, 2010 2:01 AMReply

    Temple Grandin's story is inspirational but she represents a very small percentage of individuals with autism who are very, very high functioning.

    What about those who are on the other end of the spectrum. Their story rarely gets told. The best account I ever read, and in my opinion an overlooked gem, is The Accidental Teacher: Life Lessons from my Silent Son.

    Temple Grandin's life is like a fairytale with a happily ever after ending. But reality? Think again.

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