Having underwhelmed us with their teaser poster, Disney does deliver a rousing first teaser trailer for Andrew Stanton's Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation John Carter. Stanton, the writer-director of Pixar's Wall-E, moves into live-action, directing Taylor Kitsch in the title role as a lonely American soldier who is magically transported to red planet Barsoom, where he boasts gravity-boosted strength. Think Avatar, as James Cameron grew up on these novels. Carter is allied with Red Martians Ciaran Hinds, Lynn Collins, Dominic West and James Purefoy against four-armed Green Martians Willem Dafoe, Polly Walker, Thomas Haden Church and Samantha Morton in this immersive digital epic.

Here's the synopsis and ThePlaylist's account of post-trailer-viewing confusion. We may all have to stay confused until March 9, 2012, as there will be no reveal of more details at Comic-Con.