Tower Heist (November 4) is going to be a huge hit for Universal, for several reasons. First, it's about getting back at The Man: Bernie Madoff, basically, played by Alan Alda. The American moviegoer is ready for some payback about now. The trailer below spells it out: a Madoff-type rip-off artist is subject to house arrest in his fancy skyscraper penthouse. Even the building employees got rooked, and they're looking to get their own back. But they need a robbery expert: Ben Stiller knew Eddie Murphy back in the old neighborhood.

Second, it's got that Oceans 11 group-plans-a-heist mojo. Brett Ratner has assembled a terrific ensemble here, from Casey Affleck, Matthew Broderick, Gaboure Sidibe and Tea Leoni to reliable Michael Pena, Stiller and yes, Murphy back in 48 HRS. wise-ass mode. This looks funny. I want to see it. And Ratner is a director of skill within a mainstream commercial zone. This is inside his sweet spot.