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Twilight Stars Hit Media with Remember Me, Yellow Handkerchief, Runaways, Oscars

by Anne Thompson
March 2, 2010 11:54 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood

One of the dangers of hitting big in a franchise like Twilight is that that every blessed indie movie that can't get arrested suddenly gets a release. And everyone wants you to do press. Poor Kristen Stewart! After opening Twilight: New Moon last November, she hit Sundance like a freight train in January with the hard-edged drama Welcome to the Rileys and The Runaways, in which she stars as rocker Joan Jett opposite Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie.

Now Rob Pattinson is dominating the airwaves with the release March 12 of Summit's tragi-romance Remember Me. Stewart accompanied him to the New York premiere after enduring another round of press for the February 26 opening of micro-indie The Yellow Handkerchief, in limited release. Next up, Stewart and Taylor Lautner will present on the Oscars on March 7. (Here's the official list of presenters.)

Then there's a new round of press for Apparition's The Runaways, which is now opening in two phases: 220 screens in ten cities on March 19, followed by another 1000 on April 9. Berney has always had a good nose for when to book theaters: he's basically slowing the pace of the release. "It's R-rated, not typical. Dakota Fanning gives a great performance, but it's different from what she's done," says Berney. "I had to make sure we had the buzz by the time we went wide."

In other Apparition news, while Terrence Malick's Tree of Life is definitely set for release in November, "that doesn't mean it won't be ready for Cannes," says Berney. Also, while I hear that Sony Worldwide Releasing is on board to distribute Welcome to the Rileys, neither Sony nor frequent theatrical partner Apparition is ready to comment on release plans at this time.

Here's my flip cam interview with the two Runaways leads from Sundance.


  • mary | March 3, 2010 3:06 AMReply

    If Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group is on board to distribute "Welcome to the Rileys", then Sony's distribution labels would have first-look rights to release "Welcome to the Rileys" theatrically?
    (ie. Sony Pictures Classics accepted "Chloe" before Apparition had chance to consider about the film)

  • lily | March 3, 2010 2:48 AMReply

    What's the purpose of this article. Yes Kristen is doing press for her indie movies. Why does that warrant a "poor Kristen Stewart " comment. She's supporting her movies like all actors do. She's supporting Rob's movie like any girlfriend would. Next she had The Runaways to promote which will be a bit of a hard sell being R and being that nobody really knows who The Runaways are. It's not like the Joan Jett factor will propel this movie to massive audiences. Why not try to create as much buzz for it as possible.
    Really. Stop trying to blame Twilight for all the ills of Hollywood.

  • meagain | March 3, 2010 2:35 AMReply

    It’s R-rated, not typical. Dakota Fanning gives a great performance, but it’s different from what she’s done,” says Berney. “I had to make sure we had the buzz by the time we went wide.”
    this is a mojor fail on the part of the distributor of the runaways.
    and are you blameing your failings on Dakota Fanning?
    I think Apparition needs to grow a set of BALLS or start selling cookies
    and this would be Dakota's 6th r rated movie your lame excuse sickens me

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