Snow White Huntsman, Stewart

Universal has been planning a "Snow White and the Huntsman" sequel that would bring back both Kristen Stewart and director Rupert Sanders. The idea behind David Koepp's script, believe it or not, turned on doing more with the unresolved romantic triangle between Snow White (Stewart), the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) and William (Sam Claflin). The only problem is, Stewart and Sanders have been embroiled in a romantic dalliance of their own, well chronicled in the tabloids.

Stewart, 22, has upset many of her "Twilight" fans at a time when the last and final film is still to come November 16. And while she and estranged boyfriend Rob Pattinson did publicity at Comic-Con, there's more junketing ahead.  Summit marketing and Stewart and Pattinson's reps have some tricky maneuvering in the coming months. And Pattinson is starting to promote his Cannes film, "Cosmopolis," for which he will appear on Good Morning America this Wednesday, in a lucky ratings stroke.

Universal has time on its side as they wait to see Koepp's script. Question is, should Sanders and Stewart work together again? (Watch Universal offer Sanders another movie.) Universal is eager to bring back Stewart's two hunky co-stars: Hemsworth is coming off Marvel's blockbuster "The Avengers" and has the "Thor" sequel coming up, while Claflin is set to play heroic Finnick Odair in "Hunger Games" sequel "Catching Fire," a juicy role that will build his profile. But will Stewart's one-time fans want to salivate over a virginal Snow White choosing between two swains, "Twilight" style? On the other hand, any sequel is a long way off, when Stewart will have presumably moved on with her life.