Finding money is always a challenge for Seimetz, who does not come from a wealthy background. Some financing and one of the house locations for the $70,000 film came from a private investor she met through a friend on Facebook, as well as winning a bet with another investor in Munich. The first week of shooting was funded via crowdsourcing. "The first week was a huge help," she says, "if you can get everyone on location you can get things going, and get people there. Once you're rolling you can find a way to make it all work."

Seimetz is now an actress-in-demand with an WME agent: she not only rated a NYT feature for Sundance features "Upstream Color" and "Pit Stop" but after she moved to Los Angeles, she landed a gig in the third season of AMC's "The Killing," as a mother with a missing child, now filming in Vancouver, British Columbia. She's also a regular on Christopher Guest’s upcoming HBO comedy series, “Family Tree," starring Chris O'Dowd as a man who is obsessed with his genetic history.

Seimetz reminds that in today's improvisational world, working hard can be the best revenge.