Rebecca Hall in "Une Promesse"
Rebecca Hall in "Une Promesse"

Lots of news out of Venice today. "Une Promesse," the new film by French filmmaker Patrice LeConte, will round out the Out of Competition section at the 70th festival, running August 28 through September 7. It stars Rebecca Hall, Alan Rickman and Richard Madden. Additionally, actress, screenwriter and author Carrie Fisher will complete the international jury.

Meanwhile, Mexican director Amat Escalante has joined the Venice Lion jury, headed by Saudi Arabia's first woman filmmaker Haifaa Al Mansour, which honors a debut film at the festival.

Here's the official synopsis for "Une Promesse":

Une Promesse, written (with Jérôme Tonnerre) and directed by Patrice Leconte, will have its world premiere screening at the 70th Venice Film Festival.  Based on a novel by Stefan Zweig, the film takes place in Germany, in the period preceding World War I, and hinges on a woman who falls in love with the young assistant to her husband, a rich and powerful industrialist. Earlier films by Patrice Leconte include Monsieur Hire (1989), based on a novel by George Simenon, the well-known Le mari de la coiffeuse (The Hairdresser's Husband, 1990), starring Jean Rochefort and Anna Galiena, Ridicule (1996), which received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film, L'homme du train (The Man on the Train), which earned public acclaim at the Venice Film Festival in 2002, and Confidences trop intimes (Intimate Strangers, 2004).

Three new documentaries have been added to the Venezia Classici section:

Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater by Gabe Klinger (Venezia Classici – Film History Documentaries)

Donne nel mito: Anna Magnani by Marco Spagnoli (Venezia Classici – Film History Documentaries)

Dai nostri inviati – La Rai racconta la Mostra del Cinema 1980 – 1989 by Enrico Salvatori, Giuseppe Giannotti, Davide Savelli (Out of Competition – Special Events).

Finally, Glada Colagrande's documentary "The Abramovic Method" will screen as a special event at Venice through support of the Venice Days program. (Check out our TOH! interview with HBO Docs president Sheila Nevins on the 2012 documentary by Matthew Akers and Jeff Dupre, "Marina Abramavoic: The Artist Is Present," here.) Here's a synopsis for the film:

The film documents the first time Abramović’s method was enacted and follows the mental and physical transformations of participants in this experiment triggered by the direct relationship with the artist and the experience of the performance.

In the artist’s intention, the film itself becomes part of the method, fixing it in time and enabling her to share her method widely.

“The Abramović Method” is a new episode in the collaboration between Marina Abramovic and Giada Colagrande and their joint return to the festival after last year’s presentation of the documentary “Bob Wilson’s Life and Death of Marina Abramović”.