Terry Gilliam's Santa Claus
Terry Gilliam

This hilarious 1968 Monty Python-era Christmas Video by Terry Gilliam for the TV series "Do Not Adjust Your Set" holds up; it's roaming the web this season thanks to various postings. Gilliam comments on his Facebook page:

Hope you are all managing to see my ancient animation that's currently rampaging around the web. It's on The Huffington Post site....It roams the free range of the web. Leaping from Xmas tree to Xmas tree. Do I get a penny from all the joy it brings? No! Do I care? No. If you need a last minute gift for a bike-obsessed friend there is a great app from a film director friend of mine, Richard Loncraine. It's absolutely beautiful. A kind of bike porn app. Check it out...

And Giliam (whose latest short Wholly Family has been making the festival rounds) describes his cut-out animation method below on Do-It-Yourself Animation Show (via Cartoon Brew).