In one of the best parodies of "Game of Thrones" yet, Jimmy Fallon premiered "Game of Desks" on Late Night. With an impressive production level, Fallon used the fantastical HBO series to riff on the late night talk show battles. Fallon plays a Ned Stark type, as well as a flaxen-haired Daenerys. Seth Meyers is named as the heir apparent--as he will take over "Late Night" from Fallon in February 2014 when Fallon moves to "The Tonight Show." Jay Leno had a small cameo at the end, simply to say that he couldn't keep track of any of the characters.

The best aspect by far was the set of Rockfell, a mythical medieval costuming of Rockefeller Center. And of course, the Roots playing the Late Nights Watch. See below: