Brad Pitt

Three anonymous casting directors have put 54 early Hollywood audition tapes on the auction block.

On Friday, "The Today Show" aired an amusing reel of these endearingly awkward auditions. Clips include early readings from Leonardo DiCaprio vying for a role in the 1990 TV series "The Outsiders," Brad Pitt auditioning for Ron Howard's 1991 "Backdraft" and Nicole Kidman in a particularly dramatic bid for a part in 1991's "Shattered." None of these now-Hollywood stars were cast. Check out the short take of 2013 Oscar-nominee Helen Hunt auditioning for the role in "Jurassic Park" that ultimately went to Laura Dern.

According to Julien's Auction House, whose Martin Nolan and Darren Julien joined Matt Lauer on "Today," the 54 tapes are estimated for anywhere between $2,000-$4,000.

Check out the auditions, and some very dated outfits, below:

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