Jonah Hill SNL Image 1

Jonah Hill hosted Saturday Night Live this week and stands as one of the best hosts of the season so far. The best moment of the evening was a surprise visit from Leonardo DiCaprio during Hill's monologue. Hill was pretending to show-boat about his Oscar nominations and peg himself as the real powerhouse behind "The Wolf of Wall Street" when DiCaprio snuck onto the stage and turned Hill's arrogance into a teaching moment. They were adorable. 

For the rest of the evening, Hill reprised his character of Adam Grossman, a six-year-old with a bounty of ancient stand-up jokes in his back pocket, ready to entertain all patrons at Benihana. Hill made a subtly ironic turn in a commercial for a sequel to "Her" called "Me" in which he voiced his own version of Samantha. (Michael Cera made an hilarious cameo.) He also crashed the skit of ex-porn stars trying to scam luxury items by playing director Martin Porn-sese (known for the "Bangs of New York," "Raging Boner," and "The Wolf of Wall Street").

Other highlights included Kenan Thompson as the bemused man that arrested Justin Bieber, and a sketch on three gangsters waiting in a car for a job who are swept away by the beauty of a winter Wonderland, and ending up singing Carole King. These and more below.