Melissa McCarthy SNL

Melissa McCarthy hosted "Saturday Night Live" for the third time last night, and despite her seasoned experience and warm humor, she couldn't quite rescue the half-baked sketches. The opening skit reworked the Super Bowl halftime show as a Broadway musical about football playoffs. It was a questionable idea, with too little follow-through. McCarthy's monologue was also inexplicable; she and Bobby Moynihan harnessed up and battled each other in a "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"-esque fight. 

The show happily employed McCarthy in many sketches, but continued to cast her as an aggressive, coarse, and blundering character--save for playing a goofy lady talking about online dating in the always fun "Girlfriends Talk Show." Yes, McCarthy played a rib-scarfing homeless woman, a rude cable lady, a murder on the path for vengeance, and an unstable, vulgar game show contestant. Of course, McCarthy has proven in her latest blockbusters that she's somehow lovable while playing a combative and crass character, but SNL would be a perfect opportunity for her to branch away from this typecasting. 

The most satisfying part of evening was not a sketch, but rather a warm goodbye to Seth Meyers, on his way to replace Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night." Cecily Strong, his current Weekend Update co-host, bid him farewell along with former SNL favorites, Amy Poehler and Bill Hader (as Stefon), and Andy Samberg. 

Watch this and other highlights below: