Daniel Day as Obama

This year's annual D.C. schmooze-fest, the White House Correspondents Dinner, featured some 
mischievous film and television parodies. There's nothing subversive or particularly astute here, but watching big muckety-mucks make fun of themselves is always a pleasure.  

Kevin Spacey leads the pack as "House of Cards" Machiavellian politico Frank Underwood. He's in charge of the dinner seating arrangements and he's willing to wheel and deal to get people where he wants them to be. Underwood sympathizes with this year's host, Conan O'Brien: "It must be so hard to write jokes about a town that already is one… Oh and Mr. President, welcome to nerd prom." 

Then Steven Spielberg reveals his latest Presidential biopic, "Obama," featuring a transformative performance from Daniel Day-Lewis at the 44th President and Tracy Jordan as Joe Biden. Check them both out below.