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Webby Awards: Steve Jobs Tribute, Best of the Five-Word Acceptance Speeches

by Sophia Savage
May 22, 2012 5:30 PM
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John Hodgman and Justin Long presented the special tribute video to Steve Jobs

The Webby Awards honored the best of the web (Indiewire included!), and shared a tribute video for Steve Jobs. Keeping with their acceptance-speech rule, the video features thanks from the likes of President Obama, President Clinton, Al Gore, George Lucas, Jon Stewart and Bono - all in five words or less. Watch the video and check out some of the speeches below:

From the Jobs tribute:
·         “For a handheld internet;” – Seth Meyers
·         “For saving lives with (RED);” – Bono
·         “For spreading American ingenuity worldwide;” – President Bill Clinton
·         “For exploring beyond our reach;” – Buzz Aldrin
·         “Steve Jobs was insanely great;” – Vice President Al Gore
·         “He made turtlenecks sexy again;” – Jimmy Fallon
·         “A meticulous attention to detail;” – Stephen Colbert
·         “Forty-three patented inventions. Check Wikipedia;” – Jon Stewart
President Barack Obama closed the video by stating: “The truth is, when we talk about Steve Jobs, we only need one word: amazing.”
Other notable 5-Word Speeches include:

·         Indiewire - "Indie Movies Matter. Watch Fearlessly."
·         The Onion – “Another Medium Conquered. Hi Mom”
·         Yelp – “Never hire shitty plumbers again”
·         Pandora – “150,000 million users don’t lie.”
·         Weird Al Yankovic – “Thank you. Thank you so…”
·         Marc Fiorgione – “Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws. Awesome!”
·         Dropbox – “Simplify…”
·         Tumblr – “Thanks Dot Tumblr Dot Com.”
·         Google+ – “Thank you for hanging out.”
·         FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver – “Stop and smell the data”

More video highlights from the event are here.

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