Lisa Kudrow hosted the 2011 15th Annual Webby Awards at the Hammerstein Ballroom (here are the winners) and of the five word acceptance speeches here is the best, coming from journalist/activist (and Special Achievement Award winner) Dan Savage; "Tracy Morgan can suck my…" More five word speech highlights are below. Here's more on the It Gets Better movement, which Dan Savage started.

- James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem for Artist of the Year: "Thanks, this is deeply weird."
- Groupon CEO Andrew Mason: "It's short for group coupon."
- Martin Cooper, inventor of the mobile phone, for his Special Recognition Award: "Can you hear me now?"
- Wieden + Kennedy for Agency of the Year: "Anonymous, we thank you, anonymously."
- Chris Milk for Online Film and Video Music Award: "Sinners make the best saints."
- Peter Vesterbacka, creator of Angry Birds, for Webby and People's Voice Awards: "Get those pigs!!!"

[courtesy of Webby Awards]