- HBO's new shows sound an awful lot like some of their current shows. "People in New Jersey" is a half-hour comedy about adult siblings who live together, written by Bruce Eric Kaplan of "Six Feet Under and Girls."  Another show in the works is about three thirty-somethings in San Francisco dealing with the "modern gay experience" or what will probably be referred to as "Gay Sex and the City."

Zero Dark Thirty

- Andrew Sullivan weighs in on the debates about torture in "Zero Dark Thirty," calling the movie an "act of cowardice."  He writes: "Maybe a democracy needs simply to confront the fact of what it has done before it can begin to process it. Bigelow doesn't process it; she doesn't move the ball forward."

- Hey You Guys reviews British sci-fi flick, "UFO" here: "The science fiction genre has become almost synonymous with big, Hollywood blockbuster productions, as we rarely see independent British directors attempt such a particular brand of filmmaking... though the quality is lacking somewhat, Burns must be commended as an innovative, upcoming director who continues to push himself, and independent British cinema."

- Variety reports about the success of "older-skewing" films this year.  Highlighting movies like "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel," which earned $132 since its release in May, as well as "Quartet" and "Hope Springs." The article hypothesizes that baby boomers have more time to see movies than their harder-to-predict offspring.