- Lots more gems from Cinephile Archive this week.  They've posted an English translation and PDF of Kuleshov's "The ABCs of Film Directing."  The film theory treatise was never published in the US - it's replete with diagrams, animation, and references.  Just for fun, they've also posted an image of Alfred Hitchcock himself hanging the "O" in "Psycho."

- Nash Edgerton's short film "Bear," a sequel to his "Spider," was released online - watch below or here.

Pauline Kael

- Criterion Cast has posted a trailer for the restored edition of Luis Bunuel's "Tristana" from the Cohen Media Group.  View it below.

- The LA Times has a fun write up about B-movies and the filmgoers who love them.  Here's a snippet:

"B-movies, those low-budget, low-prestige genre films that were fan favorites for decades, have an enduring place in Hollywood history. 'These B-features were shorter in time, lower in budget,' said film noir historian Alan Rode. 'To me, a B-movie is something that is fast, it moves and is entertaining first and foremost.'"

- A write up in the LA Review of Books covers one writer's thoughts on critic incendiary and icon, Pauline Kael. All sorts of character, insight, and wit in there, as is expected.