Thompson on Hollywood

The early weekend box office reports are showing a record-breaking $41 million Friday opening for Toy Story 3, which is on track to gross $115-120 million for the weekend, and eventually seize the summer box-office crown. (Mubi posts a review round-up of weekend openers.)

Earning 99% reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, Toy Story 3 landed a pan from cranky attention-grabber Armond White, who tends to zig when everyone else zags. White adds insult to injury by comparing the movie unfavorably to the widely excoriated comics western Jonah Hex, which bombed with a $1.9 million opening day. @giteshpandya predicts a "dismal" weekend of just $5 to 6 million. Ouch.

On the indie side, Cyrus (which premiered at the LAFF Friday night) is a hit with a $52,211 opening Friday from just four theaters in LA and NY, and could earn a $40,000 weekend per screen average. Check back for our detailed box office report Sunday.

Check out this charming featurette of Toy Story 3 voice stars Hanks, Allen, Cusack and Beatty, as well as this post on the sound design of the film.