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Weekly Wrap: Academy Awards, Oscar Watch, SXSW, Sundance, Berlinale, Cold Weather

by Anne Thompson
February 11, 2011 10:10 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood


- Cold Weather’s Katz & McFadden Talk Characters, Genre, Free Collaboration.

- Paul Haggis Talks Scientology to The New Yorker, ABC Videos Cruise.


- The Eagle Early Reviews: Tatum and Bell Are “Junior League Versions of Snyder’s 300 Macho-Erotica”.


- Oscar Talk: Bening vs. Portman, Leo’s Gaffe, Nominees Lunch, BAFTAs, Inception Surge.

- SBIFF Oscar Directors Panel: Aronofsky, Ferguson, Granik, Hooper, Russell, Unkrich.

- SBIFF Oscar Q & A: Nicole Kidman Talks Career, Rabbit Hole.

- Academy Nominees Luncheon: 2011 Class Photo, Meeting the Coens, Keeping It Short.

- Awards Update: WGA, Annies Mislead Oscar-Watchers; Art Directors Guild Is More Revealing.

- Academy Lunch Assembles Nominees for Portrait Monday, Livestreams Interview Room.

- Oscar Watch: Nominees Meet Press, Talk Awards Season, Dressing in Tutus, Butch Cassidy and Bells.

- Take That Zuckerberg! Winklevi Fight For More Money, Publicity with Spandex.- Oscar Watch: Tom Hanks Works for the Academy.

- Oscar Watch: Bening Could Beat Portman, Exclusive The Kids Are All Right Video, Tribute Q & A.

- Social Network Q & A: Composers Reznor & Ross Talk Score, Fight Club Musical, Editors Baxter & Wall.

- Indie Spirit Award Nominees Talk; Presenters Are Eisenberg, Saldana, Rudd, Wasikowska.

- London Film Critics Circle Goes for Fincher, Firth, Bale, Bening, Manville.


- Sundance Dealbook: Oprah Winfrey Buys Feminist Media Critique Miss Representation.

- SXSW 2011 Adds Midnighters, Fest’s “Bloody Beating Heart”.

- Berlin Dealbook: Point Blank, Being A Wallflower, La Mission, Wettest County, Old Fashioned Orgy.

- Berlin Dealbook: Pina, Midnight’s Children, Tyrannosaur, Hot Potato, House of Horror (UPDATE).


- Streep Starts Filming Iron Lady Thatcher Role, in Talks for Great Hope Springs with Prada’s Frankel.

- Seven Reasons To Be Excited about Abrams/Spielberg’s Super 8.

- Dueling Snow Whites: Kavanaugh Lands Roberts as Evil Queen.

- Little Miss Sunshine Team Tackles He Loves Me, Palahniuk’s Gang-Bang, Keaton & Harris Look of Love.


- Sony Negotiating MGM Distrib and Financing Deal, Including Bonds.

- Media Watch: AOL Buys Huffington Post, Huffington To Run Media Group.


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