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Weekly Wrap: Taylor/Burton Poll, Foxx is Tarantino's Django, Dennis Murren Talks Super 8 VFX, & More

by Sophia Savage and Anne Thompson
June 24, 2011 6:50 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood


Weekend Preview: Bad Teacher, Cars 2, Leap Year’s Graphic Sex, Conan O’Brien, Better Life & More.

Exclusive Clip: Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times, David Carr vs. Media, Reviews.

Super 8 ILM VFX Master Dennis Muren Talks Spielberg, Going Back to 70s.

Shocker: Cars 2 Early Reviews Trend Rotten as Pixar’s Magic Carpet Ride Touches Down.

Last Weekend's Box Office: Green Lantern Opens Soft, Will Lose Money.


The Muppets New Trailer, plus Seven Things Joel Stein Learned on Set, Muppets Last by “Not Being Cynical”; plus Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method; Almodovar's Crazy, Sexy, Scary The Skin I Live In; and Footloose in need of More Kevin Bacon.

Also: Wild Ducks Review: Davis Guggenheim’s IBM Short Reveals Genius


Debbie Reynolds Auction Breaks Up Historic Hollywood Collection.

Winklevoss Twins Can’t Stop

News Wraps: Green Lantern’s Campbell Badmouths Solace, Entourage Chases Weiner, Patti Smith Acts; and Clooney Opens Venice, NYT Cuts Comments, Howard/Grazer Talk 25 Years in Hollywood; plus Comcast Flushes Exec Perks at 30 Rock, Advertisers Love Facebook.

Media Watch: Gannett Cuts Jobs, Film Threat Returns as Magazine; plus Facebook Feedback Council, Hulu to Sell, Tablet Users Double by 2012, Salon Chief Out.


Consider: Top Ten Actors, Actresses for Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton in Scorsese’s Furious Love.

Ten-Year-Old Cult Classic Wet Hot American Summer May See Sequel.

Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris Follow-Up, The Bop Decameron, Adds Cast, Starts July 11 in Rome.

Quentin Tarantino: If Smith and Elba Are Out, Foxx is Right for Django Unchained.

Romeo and Juliet: Steinfeld’s Romeo is Douglas Booth; Holding a Candle to Zeffirelli & Luhrmann

Elba’s Star Rises with Pacific Rim; Del Toro Wants To Direct Jolie in Maleficent.

Could Spielberg’s Jurassic 4 Save 3-D?

Formula 1 Race Car Movies: One Is Non-Fiction, The Other Isn’t.

Mike Newell Casts The Borgia’s Holliday Grainger in Great Expectations.


Oscar Watch: New Voting Method Hurts Marginal Academy Ballots.

Emmy Watch: Mad Men’s Jon Hamm Feels Comedy vs. Drama Divide.


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