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Weekly Wrap: Cannes Interviews, Winners & Losers, Tree of Life, Bridesmaids, Hangover & Box Office

Thompson on Hollywood By Anne Thompson and Sophia Savage | Thompson on Hollywood May 27, 2011 at 8:00AM

Thompson on Hollywood


Weekend Preview: Avoid The Hangover Part II For Something Unforgettable: The Tree of Life | What Comparing Bridesmaids and The Hangover Reveals About Hollywood’s Gender Problem | Todd Phillips Trash Talking David Poland Is More Entertaining Than The Hangover Part II | Will Hangover Part II Break Records? | Entertainment Weekly’s Best of Summer: Bateman, Galifianakis, Aniston, Carell, Gosling, Abrams, More.


- Cannes Video: Lars von Trier’s Last Cannes Q & A: “Stupid” Statements, Melancholia, “I Am Not a Nazi,” Dunst, Cruz.
- Cannes Video: Ryan Gosling Talks “Werewolf” Role in Nic Winding Refn’s Cannes Hit Drive; Reviews.

- Cannes Video: Banderas Talks The Skin I Live In, Haywire, Career: “I Probably Made Some Mistakes,” Reviews.

- Cannes Video: Nanni Moretti Takes On The Vatican and Woody Allen

- Cannes Video: Famke Janssen Talks Bringing Up Bobby and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

- Jon Favreau Talks Genre-Mash Cowboys & Aliens: The Science of Sincerity.

- Interview: Indie Producer Gary Gilbert Talks Mark Ruffalo, Margaret, Kids Are All Right, New Pics


- Closing Night: Poliss Wins Jury Prize, Screenplay to Footnote, Dunst Actress, Refn Director.

- Tree of Life Wins Palme d’Or, Jean Dujardin Actor, Dardennes and Ceylan Share Grand Prix.

- Winners and Losers: Malick, Pitt, Von Trier, Dunst, Dujardin, Gosling, Refn, Kaurismaki.

- Oscilloscope Buys We Need to Talk About Kevin, Swinton Gets Oscar Push.

- Sundance Selects Takes Cannes Critics’ Week Opener, The “Live Affirming” Declaration of War.

- Euro-American Mash-Up This Must Be the Place Stars Sean Penn, Misfires.

- Le Havre Reviews: “Endearing, Enchanted Port in the Storm, Best Film to Date.”


- SIFF: Weekend One: The Whistleblower, First Grader, Happy Happy, Ex; Day Three: A Quiet Life, Another Earth, Love, Pipe & Beautiful Seattle Weather; Day Four: Must-See Submarine, Four More Years, Jess + Moss, Beginners’ McGregor and Plummer.

- LAFF Opens with Linklater’s Bernie, Lineup Includes Remembering Sidney Lumet, Gosling’s Drive Gala

- Silverdocs Fest 2011 Slate Opener is Swell Season, Closes with Revenge of Electric Car.


- Emmy Watch: Greed Gets the Blame in HBO’s Too Big To Fail, Bill Pullman Talks.

- Dueling Snow Whites: Relativity’s Grimm vs. Universal’s Huntsman, The Casts So Far.

- Production Watch: Dark Tower, Bigelow’s Bin Laden, Reeves, Fukunaga.

- Sony Launches Dragon Tattoo Red Band Teaser Trailers, Review, Plummer Talks Mara as Salander.

- Academy’s Move Toward Electronic Balloting: Target for Hackers?

- Academy Unspools Summer of Silents, Starring Keaton, Chaplin, Oliver & Hardy.

- Ex-Universal Co-Chief David Linde Closes Deal for Reliance-Backed Company with Global Output Pacts.

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Born and raised in Manhattan, Anne Thompson grew up going to the Thalia and The New Yorker and wound up at grad Cinema Studies at NYU. She worked at United Artists and Film Comment before heading west as that magazine's west coast editor. She wrote for the LA Weekly, Sight and Sound, Empire, The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly before serving as West Coast Editor of Premiere. She wrote for The Washington Post, The London Observer, Wired, More, and Vanity Fair, and did staff stints at The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. She eventually took her blog Thompson on Hollywood to Indiewire. She taught film criticism at USC Critical Studies, and continues to host the fall semester of “Sneak Previews” for UCLA Extension.