Quentin Tarantino in "Django Unchained"
Quentin Tarantino in "Django Unchained"

Cons: He might be a tad straight-on sober for this.

Ridley Scott
Pros: He can do anything with superb visual panache.

Cons: He has nothing to prove; this would probably bore him. He doesn't need a hit, the usual reason to tackle Bond.

Bryan Singer
Pros: He knows how to handle a mammoth project with action and VFX. After "Valkyrie" and "Jack the Giant Slayer," he could use a hit.

Cons: He can be volatile to work with and unreliable about staying on budget and schedule, doesn't always toe the line with his studio handlers.

Quentin Tarantino
Pros: He already tried to do "Casino Royale" for Pierce Brosnan. Could turn Bond on its head with a glorious commentary on the franchise.

Cons: He's turned down directing other people's material; even if he did his own script, he might subvert and undermine the franchise. Already rejected by Wilson and Broccoli; too much of an idiosyncratic auteur who would prefer keeping Bond rooted in the '60s.

Matthew Vaughn
Pros: He's already worked with Craig on "Layer Cake," which was the movie that got him the Bond gig; he's tackled more action with mixed results in "Kick-Ass" and got a taste of franchise pressure with "X-Men: First Class." If anyone can bring some pleasure back to Bond and help Craig "light the fuse on any explosive situation" (to borrow a phrase from "Die Another Day"), it's Vaughn.

Cons: Busy developing "The Fantastic Four" reboot as producer at Fox; might not be prestigious enough to follow in Mendes' footsteps. He has a tendency to get cold feet and walk away from projects in pre-production.

Joss Whedon
Pros: He's a smart, funny writer who could dig into the Bond universe with love, wit and understanding the way he did "The Avengers," which was well-supervised by Marvel. He works well with others.

Cons: He lacks flair as a gifted visual craftsman.

Joe Wright
Pros: He's the ultimate prestige director that can do it all (including action, as witnessed in "Hanna"). "Adapt or Die" is fitting for Bond as well in a post "Skyfall" world.

Cons: Bond might be too confining for his refined tastes.

Bob Zemeckis
Pros: He's a canny, innovative writer-director who could figure out ways to make the next Bond compelling. He might want to follow up his Oscar-nominated return to live-action filmmaking, "Flight," with a bigger-budget extravaganza. He delights in playing with the all the tools in the box--and buttressing his blockbuster bonafides.

Cons: Like Scott, taking on someone else's franchise might be beneath him; it's childsplay.

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