The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

#6 - "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (Twentieth Century Fox) - $12.6 million in 2 days

The 39% fall for the second day (this opened Wednesday) and overall ranking suggests that Ben Stiller's comedy will struggle to earn back its $91-million budget, although the five-day take could be ahead of expectations. Last year, "Parental Guidance" did $10.6 million in two days and ended up with $77 million, so this still could end up higher domestic with upbeat word of mouth-- if it can outlast other new films. Both the most recent "Fockers" and "Night at the Museum" films grossed more international than domestic -- this could play better internationally, as did Fox's "Life of Pi" -- so if it scores $90 million domestic and $110 international, with additional later revenues, at best it can break even. This was certainly not anyone's intention.

#7 - "47 Ronin" (Universal) - $10.7 million in 2 days

The first day was a surprise for this long-delayed Keanu Reeves martial arts epic (that cost a reported $175 million), but whatever that might have raised was dashed with the 48% drop Thursday. As anticipated, this will be an expensive write-off for Universal and probably cost outgoing chairman Adam Fogelson his job.

#8 - "Saving Mr. Banks" (Buena Vista) - $9.8 million in 2 days

In only 2,110 theaters, this only fell 9% yesterday, as Disney's strategy of getting this open early to generate word of mouth seems to be paying off so far. Expect this to be around for a while and gross much more than its $24 million so far.

#9 - "Grudge Match" (Warner Bros.) - $6.1 million in 2 days

It started off as the weakest of the wide Christmas Day openings, and the 46% drop yesterday means this won't last much beyond its second week.

#10 - "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" (Lionsgate) - $5.5 million in 2 days

Both impressive and significant, holding at 2,300 theaters and jumping 20% yesterday, "Catching Fire" now seems likely to end up just about even with "Iron Man 3" as the top domestic 2013 release (it is $28 million behind at the moment).

#11 - "Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas" (Lionsgate) - $5.2 million in 2 days

#12 - "Walking With Dinosaurs" (20th Century-Fox) - $3.8 million in 2 days

#13 - "Justin Bieber's Believe" (Open Road) - $2.3 million in 2 days

"Dinosaurs" had a kids' generated jump of 24% yesterday, but too little to late for this 3-D flop. "Believe" was in only just over 1,000 theaters, but it still was very weak (his 2011 concert film ended up grossing $73 million; this won't do $10 million). "Madea" will struggle to hit $50 million, below par for Tyler Perry. And Weinstein's commitment to "Mandela" is falling short, at #14 with $2.2 million (estimated) in 2 days in 975 theaters.

Christmas Box Office Chart 2013