Young David Lynch Talks 'Eraserhead' in 1979 On-Location Video Interview

by Tom Christie
July 3, 2013 2:29 PM
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David Lynch, center, during the "Eraserhead" production
Some painfully bad questions (and hair) from the 23-old me but good answers (and, as always, hair) from the 33-year-old David Lynch. Shot for my television-production class at UCLA in 1979, this interview features archival footage of the oil fields that served as a location for Lynch’s AFI film "Eraserhead" and now lie beneath the Beverly Center. 

Also seen but alas not heard much from (mea culpa, bad interviewing) is cinematographer Frederick Elmes. I was working at the time for Parallax, now Landmark, Theaters, owners of the Nuart, where Eraserhead was the midnight movie. (The video also includes some funny responses from audience members.) Lynch had been with John Waters earlier on the day of the interview and almost got him to join us. 


David later provided me with a copy of his short film "The Amputee," also shot by Elmes, which we screened following the interview on one TV set outside on the UCLA campus — a world premier. The interview ends on one of the great lines from David Lynch, who said he wasn’t interested in Hollywood stars at the time: “If you’re going into the netherworld, you don’t want to go in with Chuck Heston."

Watch the video interview with Lynch here.

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1 Comment

  • Mitchell | January 25, 2014 3:30 AMReply

    Mr. Christie,
    I'm a student filmmaker working on an experimental short film which I intend to submit to festivals. Would it be alright if I used some snippets of David Lynch from your 1979 interview with him? It's not copyrighted or anything, right?
    Thank you,
    Mitchell Pratt

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