A Magical Day of a Day

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully March 17, 2006 at 4:15AM

A Magical Day of a Day

I don't have a ton of time to give justice to yesterday, but let me spit out some highlights...

1:30pm -- JUMPING OFF BRIDGES at the Paramount Theatre. Kat Candler's film is a tender and affecting drama that is what independent cinema is all about. I fear it's too small to find a theatrical niche, but I would be shocked if IFC or Sundance doesn't pick it up. Good stuff!

3:30pm -- I briefly met up with new friend Kent to watch the end of the second set of bball games. Just in time for the Tennessee buzzer beater. March Madness is off and running.

5:00pm -- The Go! Team at my favorite bar in Austin, The Mean-Eyed Cat. A perfect afternoon, not very crowded, and they were life-affirmingly spectacular! Unfortunately, I had to leave early to collect Ben at the airport, but I still had a great time.

7:00pm-ish -- More college basketball. In a sick way, I wish I could report to you that my pick to win it all was knocked off in the first round, but rock star Adam Morrison wouldn't let that happen. Still, I have absolutely no faith that they'll make it that far. The GW/UNCW game was another highlight. The bar went completely batshit at the end of regulation, which was quite funny.

9:00pm -- Bobby Bare (Sr.). Ben and I walked in as he literally strummed his first chord and proceeded to play a fantastic set. I don't have his stuff in my iTunes, but i plan to do just that when I get back to reality.

11:00pm -- Dr. Dog. HOLY SHIT! I've been hearing about these guys for over a year now, and I finally know what everyone has been talking about. They're like The Band meets The Olivia Tremor Control meets early Flaming Lips meets I don't know what. Ben might just be right when he calls them the best band in America. You don't hear me complainin'.

12:00am -- Rendezvousing with Jamey and two of the guys from The M's at some random sports bar to slam shots and drink Tecate before checking out The Gossip in an outdoor tent. They're kinda like Heart meets The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (I guess I only mean that superficially). We only caught the tail end of their set, which was fine.

Then I went home. I guess I have to apologize for mocking the insanity of the music fest, because yesterday turned out to be really, really great. I'm off now to see Of Montreal play Urban Outfitters, which should be fun (they're only playing covers), and then hopefully the Merge barbecue if it doesn't rain. So long, suckas...

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