A New York City Quickie

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully April 3, 2006 at 12:15PM

A New York City Quickie

Driving into Brooklyn at around midnight this past Friday made me feel quite strange. It was like I hadn't been there in years yet at the same time it felt like I'd never left. I met up with Jesse and Jane at The Gate, then we went to Great Lakes to meet up with Josh, Ann, and Alyson. A few drinks and that was that.

Saturday was a doozy. After buying a long overdue new pair of Jack Purcells, I headed over to Craig Zobel's apartment to watch the most up-to-date cut of his film, GREAT WORLD OF SOUND. It's hard to be objective when you're dealing with the work of a good friend, not to mention the fact that I had some script concerns, but I have to say that I absolutely fucking love-love-LOVED it! It exceeded my expectations on all counts. First and foremost, the lead performances by Pat Healy and Kene Holliday are pitch-perfect and heartbreaking. Not to mention the always brilliant Robert Longstreet (DING-A-LING-LESS, UNDERTOW). Why has this man not yet been discovered??? The film's tone is quite original. I don't know what I'd compare it to, actually. Though humor is all over the place, there's an overriding sadness to the proceedings that keeps it grounded and somber. A hybrid project, the film combines scripted scenes with hidden camera auditions with actual aspiring musicians (another risky concept that paid off remarkably well). The result is an unexpectedly thought-provoking commentary on the general malaise of modern American society. Why is everyone so desperate for recognition? Why is nobody doing what they really want to be doing with their life? And on and on and on. Craig doesn't provide any answers, and for that, I applaud him. I couldn't be more proud of his remarkable accomplishment. Hooray for GREAT WORLD OF SOUND!

Saturday night was Jesse's bachelor party. Turns out this was the year to miss the Final Four. I guess I'm pulling for Florida, but I'm still holding a grudge against both them and UCLA for beating Villanova and Gonzaga. The night got predictably sloppy, but in a great way. Though it did cause me to miss playing basketball at noon on Sunday, considering I went to bed at about 8:30 in the morning. Ouch.

As for last night's historic event, it really wasn't all that momentous. Just really fun. A "welcome back to NYC" dinner for Robert Altman at Elaine's. I talked to Bob briefly, telling him I hoped to see him in Sarasota at the end of the week. He and his wife are the sweetest people ever. I hung out with the Sandcastle team, who are all incredibly cool. Robin Williams and Bob Balaban were there, but I didn't chat them up. The end of the night got extremely cinematic when Annie Ross (SHORT CUTS) joined the jazz band for a few songs. On the way out the door, some photographer woman stopped me to take my picture and ordered me to sit down (something about me having the most hair of anyone there as well as interesting eyeballs). Anyway, I sat down awkwardly only to discover that I was sitting right next to Elaine, who watched the photo shoot unfold from two feet away. Surreal. Once again, thank you to the almighty Jane Rizzo for allowing me to be a part of her superfun life.

Most importantly, I had a major revelation at dinner that I don't want to jinx, but I will say that it looks like I'm now one degree away from my dream actress for DAYDREAM. Once I get it finished and presentable, it looks like I'll be able to get it into her hands right away. I sure hope she likes it. But not to jinx myself further, I'm starting to believe that all of this stuff is bigger than just me and my little idea. It's like the film is going to become what it's going to become, as if it's being controlled by a greater force. I'm not talking Honky Jesus or anything like that. I don't know what I'm talking about. But it feels like it's starting to come alive, and my stomach is already tingling over movie number two. For now, I'll watch bball, finish my book, and get ready for the East Coast premiere of movie number one in Sarasota this Friday night...

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