By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully June 8, 2005 at 4:39AM


I now know what it feels like to climb a ferocious mountain. Of course, those two months were only the beginning, but at this point, editing will be a glorious relief considering I won't have to be dealing with distracted, frustrated human beings on a daily basis. That said, our crew really stepped up to the plate and delivered. Shout-outs as follows: Shawn Lewallen (DP, without him I would be dead), Hillary White (Production Coordinator), Gary Everett (Sound Mixer), David Wilson (Art Director), Daniel Cottle (Key Grip), Justin Hixon (Boom Operator). Seriously, that was our entire crew! And last, but certainly not least, the insane hero of this thing, Damian Lahey. I am thankful that he believed in me enough to let me direct his vision, and I hope he's thankful that I convinced him to act in it.

Now comes the return to sanity and a stress-free existence. I might even be able to focus long enough to read a book. Richard Yates is just what the doctor ordered. There are only two left that I've yet to read, "Cold Spring Harbor" and "A Special Providence," and it's looking like the former is first on tap.

I really wish you guys could have been there to experience what I went through these past two months, but, on second thought, be glad that you weren't there. I wouldn't wish it upon an enemy. That said, I have never been so proud of myself for having accomplished something on this momentous a scale. I might even be a man now. Well, probably not, but I feel like I can do anything and do it relatively well.

I just hope we can make something that entertains and maybe even affects you guys. Thanks to everyone for showing me support every step of the way. It meant/means a lot to me.


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