An Uneventful Life (Weekend Wrap-Up)

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully June 13, 2005 at 5:33AM

An Uneventful Life (Weekend Wrap-Up)

Tennis under the lights last night (and I actually played well!), picking strawberries this afternoon in my dad's garden with my insanely beautiful niece Maddie (she's barely two-and-a-half but she already has a better vocabulary than I do), eating my mother's ferociously scrumptious beef stroganoff this evening, golf with aforementioned pops at 8 tomorrow morning, a few days off before the editing crunch begins... life could be worse.

Now that I'm back in reality, I have once again been able to give my Netflix queue the speedy attention it deserves. First up this weekend was "The Incredibles." Man, I don't want to sound like some unimaginative asshole, but I really don't think that type of animation works on me. It was engaging and okay, but I never connected with it in a genuine way. I know, I know, it is I who has the problem. Please don't hate me. It just isn't my flow, yo.

Then came "Dead End," starring Ray Wise and Lin Shaye. This is the film that I wish "Cabin Fever" had been. A really fresh blend of horror and humor, without being winky and cute and smug. Still, like a picky child who doesn't like the different foods on his plate to touch, I would prefer it if horror films concentrated on being scary and left the jokes to the comedies. That said, I recommend "Dead End" as an example of top-notch low-budget filmmaking. Of course, "Cabin Fever" got the nationwide release because it's got pretty people and breasts in it. But "Dead End" is a far better contribution to the genre.

Last, and best of all, was "A Place in the Sun." What a great fucking movie! Where have you gone, Montgomery Clift? Elizabeth Taylor? Exceptional Hollywood? Hollywood Period? Period Question Mark? End of Discussion?

Did I already mention that Edan's "Beauty and the Beat" ( might actually be one of the best hip-hop albums, like, EVER MADE? Seriously, this is the record I've been waiting for since 1988. I need this cat to help me out with the score for "Ping-Pong Summer"--for really real.

Oh yeah, another reminder, God is a male human being, and his name is:


And, oh yeah, good night...

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