And So It Begins

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully January 19, 2011 at 2:02AM

And So It Begins

I'm about to head out to the airport to begin the journey to Park City. Tonight brings our annual calm-before-the-storm meal at Grub Steak (salad bar, do it to me one mo' time), as well as a general sense of taking a deep breath and gearing up for nine days of pedal-to-the-metal movie watching, socializing, and (hopefully) writing.

This year, I don't know what to expect. More than anything, I'm just relieved that so much of the filmmaking pressure is off, but I also plan to talk about Septien if- and whenever I get the chance. I hope I don't sound too corny in confessing that I'm actually quite excited about this Video On Demand stunt and am intrigued to see if a positive (or negative) word-of-mouth might have any impact on how many rentals we get across the country. This movie has no gratuitous violence or no naked body parts. I hope the horny, bloodthirsty VOD crowd doesn't get too angry at us for that. I'm not positive but it sounds like the film launches on Monday, January 24th, the day after our world premiere, so keep your eyes open for that.

Then, of course, there's my actual day job writing/editing for HAMMER TO NAIL. The 2011 Sundance/Slamdance festivals means that we are officially turning four years old this year—yowza! Time sure flies when you're watching several hundred movies a year. Mike S. Ryan and I will once again be tag-teaming, and while I know delivering daily reports will be doubly difficult this year, we're going to try to post as much as possible and let you know about the movies that are exciting us the most.

Needless to say, I have many hats to be wearing in Park City this year, and I couldn't be more thankful and humbled to be wearing them. I know how lucky I am, and I can't wait to actually try to relax after the madness of the past few months and celebrate this recent tiny miracle with everyone from Team Septien and IFC Films.

So many movies I'm excited to see, so many genuinely good friends, the reality that the time has finally come to show our own little film to the world... there's nowhere to go but downhill from here. So, I guess there's nothing to do but appreciate being uphill while it lasts.

Thanks everyone. Let's have some fun!

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