Another Good One

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully March 18, 2006 at 2:48AM

Another Good One

First of all, our final COCAINE ANGEL screening is going down in just over two hours (11am) at the Alamo South Lamar (1120 Lamar). Hurry up and spread the word! I'm imagining the theatre will be empty except for those friends of mine who will be in attendance, which is just fine by me. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Here's a recap from yesterday...

--I wanted to catch the "Shorts 3" program at 11, but friends got in the way. Instead, we headed to Urban Outfitters for the Of Montreal set. It was quite crowded. Presentation-wise, those guys have clicked into a whole 'nother level.

--After tingling my loins with a Jamba Juice fix (Green Tea Blast is where it's AT), we grabbed a bite to eat before Jamey and I rushed over to Pokey Joe's to catch some of The Essex Green's set. Unfortunately, we had to split after three songs so I could drop him off at the Beauty Bar for the second Of Montreal set of the day. That was a Jane Magazine party, and it was too packed to bother attending. Besides, I liked the vibe of the Merge party, so I gathered the crew and we went back there in time to catch Robert Pollard, who was his typical rockin' self. I don't know the new stuff, so it didn't hit me too hard.

--We then made a seemingly eternal walk back downtown to sit on our asses and grab some drinks and where I could also check up on games. Then Ben and I went around the corner for a delightful back-to-back set from Billy Bragg and Jolie Holland. Jolie Holland. Jolie Holland. Man oh man. She too played all brand new songs, but they nonetheless managed to plunge themselves directly into my heart. That woman's whistles have the spirit and soul of slave ship tear drops. I don't know how she does it.

--That ended at almost midnight, so I headed to home to get a relatively good night's rest before this morning's screening. I hope it goes over well enough. Either way, no pressure. This afternoon, I hope to watch some more bball and lay low before the Great Lakes show at 9pm. I also need to catch another film or two, if possible, as well as sign up for tomorrow's softball game, which promises to be a lot of fun (if it stays dry).

I guess that's it. Oh, one last thing. How could I forget? I met Richard Yates the other day! One of the festival workers/volunteers had that name written on his nametag and I asked him if that was really his name. He confirmed that it was. Neat!

(I've started taking pictures but I don't know how to upload them to this site just yet. Might wait until I get back and/or just Flickr them bitches. Think I got some pretty good stuff.)

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