Another Great Day

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully March 19, 2006 at 4:40AM

Another Great Day

Man, it doesn't stop in Austin. At least at South by Southwest. Is this really about to end? Am I really about to return to my parents' house to paint houses with my bro-in-law and return to an existence where my most social endeavor is walking to the mailbox to pick up my latest Netflix shipment? This will be a true test of positivity. There's bound to be a crash, but all I can do is clear my head, focus on the moment, and look forward to what lies ahead (Sarasota, Boston, etc.).

Firstly, let me thank everyone who attended yesterday morning's screening. It was gray and rainy and early, so I expected to walk in the theatre and find no one but my ten friends. Shockingly, there were at least 30 or so strangers, if not many more. When the film started I worried that no one was involved, but it definitely found its groove and by the end I think it did the trick. I didn't do a Q&A since Damian wasn't there, but I did a little intro to thank everyone for being there.

The best part was sitting with my childhood friends Ben and Jason, as well as being surrounded by all the kids in The Essex Green. Flash forward several hours and there was Ben on stage delivering a truly superior set, after which we rushed over to the Merge showcase to watch The Essex Green do their thing. I'm really proud of my friends, and incredibly thankful that I know so many talented, wonderful people. That's all one really needs in this life. Of course, in four days I won't have any friends anymore, but I'm not going to look at it that way. Nothing but positivity, damn it!

What else. I did manage to catch one final film last night, Korey Coleman's 2 AM. While it took a tiny bit to find its momentum, by the end I was completely behind it. I laughed out loud several times, and enjoyed all the performances (Korey himself has MAJOR talent in front of the camera as well). The low-budget aesthetic will probably hurt its chances for distribution, but if this thing had gotten the Hollywood treatment, people all over would be loving it. It reminded me of another low-budget gem, HANGIN' WITH THE HOMEBOYS.

It might be fitting that my last SXSW musical experience might have been my most revelatory. I have Kat Candler to thank for turning me on to the music of Bosque Brown, who plays over her film's closing credits. I caught her at 11 last night and it was like watching a star being plugged in and turned on. She sounds like Joanna Newsom meets Jolie Holland and looks like Chan Marshall meets a young Sissy Spacek. She's also a genuinely sweet person, which only adds to the goodness. You heard it here first (or maybe some of you are already in the know): BOSQUE BROWN.

I'm gonna try to go to the closing bbq (indoors now) this afternoon, as well as catch up on basketball, but not much else. I already feel myself getting on 35 and heading north. Fortunately, my friend Jason is going to ride back with me all the way to Maryland, so I won't be stuck inside my grinding mind for the 24-or-so hours it will take to get back there.

Lastly, I bought a guitar yesterday! Some guy was set up right outside the theatre where our film screened yesterday morning and he had this amazingly soulful nylon stringed number. 80 bucks. i hope to do it some justice upon my return to MD and knock out some new ditties.

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