Another Long Winter Begins...

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully November 22, 2005 at 5:12AM

Another Long Winter Begins...

Well, the Terps started the season this afternoon with a turnover-filled game that showed flickers of verygoodness, but ultimately reaffirmed their status as almost-achievers. Fortunately, I'm too exhausted to care too deeply at the moment. I will take a deep breath, be patient, and hope for some exciting moments. Not much more to be had from this team, I'm afraid.

This weekend was nice. We saw WALK THE LINE yesterday, which I actually really liked. Taking the historical/bio politics out of it, I completely fell for the love story. Great performances by Mr. Phoenix and Ms. Witherspoon. I know I'm no Johnny, but I still hope I find me a June.

Something strange happened Saturday while Colleen was out shopping for blinds and curtains. There was a knock on the door. I checked it out. It was a tomboy-ish looking female who looked like a sort of retarded member of Fat Albert's gang (not trying to win a humanitarian award here, folks, just trying to paint an accurate picture). Anyway, the woman asked me if I wanted to buy a newspaper subscription. When I informed her that I didn't live there, she asked me if she could use the bathroom. I started laughing and said, "Are you serious?" She said, "Uh-huh." Stupidly, I said okay. Anyway, she was in there for longer than a minor yellow drop, but whatever. When she came out and I walked her to the door, she looked at the table and said, "Ooh, pens! Can I have some?" I informed her that they weren't mine to give away, and got her out of there before things got too weird. Anyway, on my way back to the bedroom, as I passed by the bathroom a smell escaped that was like a defecated Whopper combo meal that had made its way through the Port Authority sewage system, down the Jersey Turnpike, and back into this woman to be unleashed on my sister's unsuspecting toilet. Fucking gross. Anyway, sorry Colleen, I promise I won't let any other strangers into the house to test out your plumbing.

Other bad news is that the "liveable green" that we thought was a good choice for the main living room and hallway turned out to be rather unliveable. So I have to repaint all of that fucking shit tomorrow. Awesome! Though at this point everything except the bathrooms will have been done when I leave here, so I think I done good. One less Tully I owe money to now.

Finally finished LUST FOR LIFE (special thanks to T.P.G.I.T.W. for the physical enlightenment). The thing that most struck me was the realization that his ear slicing wasn't, like, the most romantic act of love that had ever been committed. I thought he did it for Kay Vos or one of his true desires. Turns out it was for a hooker in the midst of sunstroke. Hmm. Kinda cheapens my idea of that whole story. But what a life, and what a lesson. If you're gonna commit to creating, do it for YOU and YOU ONLY. The creating is the victory. Everything else is just silliness.

A minor thought: The only thing worse than not being with the one you want is being married to the one you know you don't want.

Today's Painting Playlist:

Antony and the Johnsons "I Am a Bird Now"
Teenage Fanclub "Man-Made"
Cornershop "Woman's Gotta Have It"
Clinic "Walking With Thee"
Lilys "Better Can't Make Your Life Better"
Mercury Rev "Yerself is Steam"
Andrew Bird "& The Mysterious Production of Eggs"
Pedro the Lion "Control"
Rocket From the Crypt "Scream, Dracula, Scream!"
The Roots "Things Fall Apart"
Edan "Beauty and the Beat"

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