Atlas Shrugged Off

by tully
March 30, 2007 5:36 AM
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"Welcome to Ayn Rand! That's why I say reading her books is like going to Mardi Gras... If you don't do it while you're in college, don't bother." -- Carol Tully

Well, it ain't June 1st, and while I haven't finished ATLAS SHRUGGED, I'm putting that fucker to bed once and for all. I decided that in this case, my life would be better served if I simply read a synopsis of the film and disregarded the other eight hundred pages of podium preaching.

Rather than feel guilty about this, I'm actually excited. It's as if a small, but momentous, change has occurred. The fact that I "gave up" on this book doesn't mean I'm weak or flighty or uncommitted or anything of the sort. All it means is that I'd rather read a good book than a bunk one.

Peace out, Objectivism. Hello... hmm, what shall I read... that's a toughie... oh, wait, I've got it...


One final note. Shame on all of you New Yorkers who didn't make it out for tonight's Ola Podrida performance. They've never sounded better. Picture them sounding as good as they possibly could and then double it. It kills me to know that I'll be missing the record release show on April 26th at Union Hall (I'll be up in Boston), and not because David asked me to be the very opening act (the world isn't ready for an EncoprEsis public appearance just yet, don't worry). It's because I want to see them play again, damn it!

One last final note (redundancy intended). Tonight (Friday March 30th) brings the first public ND/NF screening of GREAT WORLD OF SOUND. 8:30 at MOMA. Join me in watching the best and most innovative American film of 2007. Or stay home and watch "Walker, Texas Ranger." That's pretty cool too.

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  • bs | March 30, 2007 4:16 AMReply

    Yeah, no worries on the Rand thing. I dropped the Fountainhead after about 300 pages. Even putting Objectivism and her warped architectual aesthetics to the side (and that ain't easy), I simply couldn't get beyond the fact that the book is basically a triple-sized harley romance beach book.