Attention Rotterdam: The Mighty CA is on the Way!

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully January 12, 2006 at 5:06AM

Attention Rotterdam: The Mighty CA is on the Way!

Well, the film is in the mail. Or, rather, the PAL digi-beta. Picked it up from the lovely folks at Henninger in Arlington (VA) today. Of course, I'm now realizing that in the many inputs and outputs the opening and closing super-8 sequences have now inherited strange wavy lines, but it's not the end of the world. At least I hope not. Either way, there are definitely gonna be some corrections before the next festival screening, wherever the hell that is. (Still hoping to make that announcement soon--come on, festivals, help a brother out!--but for now, Rotterdam it is.)

I also mailed out my last remaining DVD to New Directors/New Films today, in order to make their deadline. I've been attending ND/NF for several years as press, but the thought of attending as a director is like the coolest thought ever. A long shot, admittedly, but a shot nonetheless. Or something like that. I did basically abandon all semblance of a life to make this film, so I might as well ride it as far as it can possibly go, considering in May I'll be sitting in this exact spot in a pile of debt, miserable and depressed that nobody gives a shit about any of my worthless creative endeavors.

But seriously folks, I've been working on living in the moment (for now, I'm controlling it by focusing solely on my breathing) and I haven't had a wave of depression in over a month. That said, yesterday was getting somewhat oppressive, but I simply decided to back off the computer problem and realize that the main priority is the master copy of the film, and that is taken care of. Of course, we have no sales agent, no publicity materials, and not much of anything else, but I'm not even stressing that shit. It will happen when it happens.

Oh, speaking of worthless creative endeavors, it turns out that fate has brought me another blast of sparkling goodness. Kenneth Price--aka KP Beats--who color corrected our film, let it slip that he makes beats in his spare time. He burned me some of the tracks and they are fucking DOPE. not that he's going to approve of what I do with them, but he's at least giving me the go ahead to unleash my hip-hop alter-ego, Radical Miracle, unto the world. I couldn't have dreamed up a better premise. Now I just hope I can do the music justice. Much of it is 9th Wonder-influenced (Kenneth comes from Raleigh, like 9th), but there's some other shit that is just straight up melodic tightness. Hopefully I'll have at least one track posted at before I head to Rotterdam. For now, revisit the myspace page to see what I look like with a moustache.

Also, I was going to hold off on congratulating Robert Altman on his honorary Oscar, as I was told by my insider tip that this wasn't going public until tomorrow, but I saw that Brian mentioned it on Indiewire, so here I go: IT'S ABOUT GODDAMN TIME. What is wrong with you people? Better late than never, I guess. Though it still feels like a pathetically thrown bone when the academy never gave him one for any specific film.

Last thing. Thankfully Maryland played up to their true underachieving standards tonight so I could devote my full attention to the final installment of "Country Boys." Really great shit. Although, I have to say, I would give anything to watch a two-hour episode that recounts the journey Chris, his grandma, and his buddy take in the U-Haul down to Florida. Sweet jesus, that would be amazing...

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