Back in NYC

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully March 14, 2008 at 2:31AM

Back in NYC

I have to say, I'm really glad I took the plunge when buying my plane ticket and cut my SXSW experience short this year. At some point in the afternoon on Tuesday, I hit a serious wall. Maybe I've gotten that much older in one year. I didn't even rage or anything like that, but everything seemed to take a toll and I felt physically spent. I hope to post a more thorough wrap-up of lots of things I saw while in Austin, though, for the record, I think my favorite work was seen by my eyes before I got into town. You can read about that stuff over at Hammer to Nail. You can also read Mike Ryan's thoughtful posts about things that struck his fancy (we're working on his paragraph breaks problem).

It feels really nice to be back home. That's for a few solid reasons. The most important one being that it means I get to go back to JFK this evening to be reunited with this amazing girl that seems to keep liking me back for some weird reason. Another very important reason is that being home means it's time for today's ND/NF press screening of Momma's Man, where I will be in just under two hours. I'm going to bring a stack of tissues and hopefully find a seat away from everyone so that my emotions won't be distracting to those around me. If the film impacts me even 10% as strongly as it did in Sundance, tears will be flowing.

I guess I'll leave it at those two reasons and call it a day.

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