Back to Life, Back to Reality

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully March 22, 2006 at 3:25AM

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Yeah, I just quoted Soul II Soul.

Well, the return home was as painless as it could have been. A quick stopover in Nashville so Carol could give me a haircut, and after a decent night's sleep and a hearty Southern breakfast compliments of Brian Sides, we were on our way. I pulled into the driveway at 11pm, which made the trip just over ten hours. When I dropped Jason off, I finally picked up the keyboard he's been meaning to let me borrow for quite some time. I'm hopefully going to figure out how to hook it up to GarageBand so I can start creating more three-dimensional tracks. Looking forward to that very much.

I had an epiphany yesterday evening. We stopped in Virginia for some food and it turns out it was the same town that I had stopped in on my way to Nashville last week. It's called Marion, and it is creepily amazing! There's a mental institution there, yet it looks more like a prison than a hospital (watchtower, etc.). The downtown itself looks like it's been abandoned for decades. I'm sure the fact that it was hauntingly gray and overcast didn't help, but it was really talking to me. Perhaps it'll simply inspire a spooky script, but for some reason, I feel like moving there. The town's called Marion. It's off 81, somewhere in the middle part of the state, I think.

What else? On the way to Nashville, we were still many hours away, and we decided to play the guessing game as to what track number the iPod shuffle would be on when we pulled up to Carol's house. Jason said 92 (at that point, we were in the 20s). I said 111. When we pulled up to Carol's house and I put the car in park, we were in the middle of song 92 (Eels). Kind of amazing. Especially after having been on the road for 12 hours.

Fortunately, life is still exciting so I'm not simply staring at a wall and pining after the glorious SXSW days. About to dive into work, but tonight is the Silver Jews show in Baltimore. I need to call Nastanovich to confirm that I and plus-several are on the list, but I'm sure he'll take care of us. I've only heard great things about the tour so far, so I can't wait to hear/see it for myself. Then, of course, March Madness resumes tomorrow night and carries through the weekend. Funk yes.

I also can't wait to settle down and reattack the Netflix queue. That, in conjunction with the second pass on DAYDREAM. I have a hunch I know how to rework the rather integral meeting scene, but as I like to treat things, I'm simply going to block out the world, turn off my mind, and let the scene write itself. That's when the good stuff happens.

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