Cinema of Sadness

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully October 6, 2005 at 12:55PM

Cinema of Sadness

I'm about to quit the filmmaking business before I start. It's too fucking hard, man. To see a film like KEANE breeze in and out of theatres without creating an even minor stir, then to realize that the same thing is about to happen to FORTY SHADES OF BLUE, fills me with utter despair. Granted, both of these pictures aren't multiplex-friendly, and while they demand that viewers tap into a sad place in their hearts, they are nonetheless sterling examples of profoundly personal cinema. That should be reason enough alone to fill the small houses where they're screening, but apparently it isn't. Whatever. I guess some of us are simply in the minority, and we have to accept that. I fear there will be no audience for COCAINE ANGEL based on this same reasoning (not to put my films on par with KEANE and FORTY SHADES, of course) and it upsets me to consider that. But what can you do except move on and keep working? For that's the victory, right? It sure as shit isn't box office acclaim.

That said, I commend you on a devastatingly sad film, Mr. Sachs. I walked out of the theatre yesterday wanting to burst into tears. (Truth be told, I had also just seen Patrice Chereau's masterly GABRIELLE that morning, so a somber tone had already been set.) Either way, I thought you should know that while no one else in this city seems to care, I did, and I still do. And so I ask anyone reading this to get your ass to the Film Forum and experience this film for yourselves before it's too late.

Then hop across town to see Dave Gebroe's ZOMBIE HONEYMOON (, which I am praying turns into a grass-roots success story. The title advertises a different film, which is Dave's point. On the surface, it's a blood-soaked genre piece, but as it builds to its breathtakingly sincere conclusion, you'll be shocked to discover that you've just seen one of the most romantic films of recent memory. A congratulations to Dave Gebroe is also in order.

Now I'm out the door to see the latest Winterbottom (TRISTRAM SHANDY: A COCK AND BULL STORY), which fellow blogger Wendy Mitchell swears is the funniest movie in recent memory. I can't wait!!!

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