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I know I haven't been talking about COCAINE ANGEL much lately, but that's just because I've been trying to live the full-bodied life of a regular American (not a neurotic, stressed out indie filmmaker). But after yesterday's recent pass on the film with the mighty Dave Lahn, I'm back in director mode.

Yesterday's work was quite glorious. I'm going to have one more small showing with some virgin eyes next weekend, but after that, I officially think we're picture-locked. Just under 80 minutes, which feels perfect at the moment. It seems like there's a new wave of shorter features that are being released (NINE SONGS, NOVEMBER, BUBBLE), which I am ALL FOR. A film doesn't have to be 90 minutes for it to serve its purpose. In fact, I think the world would be better if 90% of films were shorter than they are. So while many of you out there might say our film is 40 minutes too long, I think it's just right.

I threw a newly burned copy into the DVD player today to confirm that it works, and 80 minutes later I was still watching the TV. So I'm quite pleased with where we stand. We even managed to work in a scene that nobody has seen yet, which Damian and Dave and I liked all along, but couldn't find a place for. But Dave and I got it in there yesterday, and I think it makes the film even deeper, in a 1970s Hollywood way. Unfortunately, we lost an earlier scene that seemed to slow things down--or keep the film from speeding up--so the overall time didn't shift that much.

Also, after throwing out a few thinly baited lines, no fish (i.e. sound technicians) bit. That means I'm fucking sucking it up and doing the sound by my damn self. It's actually more fitting this way (and cheaper). From the very beginning, this has been an "us against the world" thang, and I guess it still is. As much as I continue to dream for the day when a guardian angel will float into my life and take me under his/her wing, I must accept the fact that, at this very moment, I'M my own guardian angel. And so I will make it happen.

Either way, I've never been as proud of and excited about our little messterpiece as I am at this very moment. So get ready, motherfuckers, 'cause we're just getting started!!!

(Also, a great bit of press is headed our way this week. When it hits the newsstands, I'll let y'all know...)

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