Daydreams, Reality, YouTube, and A New Film Movement

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully May 29, 2006 at 4:18AM

Daydreams, Reality, YouTube, and A New Film Movement

Let us, for a moment, peruse a daydream that I have. It involves myself, having just finished a feature film that I wrote and directed, journeying to Cannes for its greatly anticipated world premiere. In this daydream, the film is received rapturously, and I walk away with an award (okay, why not, the Palme d'Or). I follow up this too-good-to-be-true festival experience by quickly jetting over to Roland Garros for two weeks of Grand Slam tennis, where Roger Federer wins his first French Open title and cements himself as the greatest player of all time (I have courtside seats for this monumental event). The following morning, I fly back to America, where my personal inboxes are clogged with congratulations from a cavalcade of modern cinema’s most influential voices. Later that fall, the film screens at the New York Film Festival and receives a glowing review from Manohla Dargis. It opens nationwide shortly thereafter, where it is a crossover hit, opening any door I could have imagined, allowing me to make every single one of the films that I’ve ever wanted to make (as of now, there are at least a dozen). Somewhere during all of this, I meet the woman of my dreams, and after a magical courtship, we get married and have three beautiful, happy children. I get old and die contented, knowing that all of my grandest daydreams somehow came true. The End.

That was fun. Now, does anyone have a loaded gun so I can blow my head off?

Seriously, folks, let’s move on to matters of actual importance (‘importance’ being a relative term), or should I say today’s ‘topic of discussion.’

I take it by now everyone has experienced the genius that is After enjoying it for however many months, I decided to post something myself. It’s just a silly spec Nike commercial I shot last year, but I like it and hope you will too. (Special thanks to my sister Carol for dressing up like a purple Quaker and acting like she doesn’t know how to play golf, because in reality she is fucking awesome. Ha!)

Next, you should all watch Bela Tarr’s prologue for the “Visions of Europe” project.

In other Tarr-related news, I’d like to thank Jonathan Marlow for leaving a comment the other day that links to another great Tarr interview:

Further, now might be a good time to point out that I didn’t realize until just the other day that I had to clear comments before they posted to my site and my situation wasn’t set up to receive emails to alert me of this. I’ve tried to fix things, so hopefully all is well. Either way, I’d just like to apologize if you left a comment within the past however many months and it wasn’t acknowledged--or posted. I had no idea and just assumed that nobody reads this site. But I just recently teamed up with so I can confirm that Boredom at its Boredest is read by several thousand individuals every day (and by ‘several thousand,’ I mean ‘several dozen’).

Finally, enjoy Flaming Lips ringleader Wayne Coyne’s hilarious and life-affirming commencement speech to his former high school, where he, uh, never actually graduated (it’s in two parts, and well worth the effort of clicking on each link).

As a special bonus, click on the following link to read some earth-shatteringly important news. Everyone’s favorite DIY filmmaker/blogger Sujewa Ekanayake has coined a new term and started a new movement, and, whaddya know, I’m one of the members! I would like to make a reference to the famous Groucho remark, but the truth is, I actually want to be in this club. Thanks, Sujewa!

Oh, and very-very lastly, this upcoming weekend brings with it a major event in independent cinema. Because of that, we here at Boredom at its Boredest have decided to coin our own term and spread the word as loudly and widely as possible. This week, my friends, is…


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