Desperation Nation

by tully
November 12, 2007 3:03 AM
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In my current state of shameful unemployment, I had an admittedly desperate, but potentially interesting, thought. Though this might seem like a humiliating step to take, I've thought it over and decided that it's worth a shot. If anything, it's an interesting experiment. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

While walking around for the past several days wondering why I can't seem to figure out a way to get paid for my creative outlets--seriously, it's like there's a block on anything that I write that renders payment a ridiculous impossibility--I came back to this site time and again. And then it hit me. Why not try to get paid for all the writing I do here?

Of course, I’m not going to turn Boredom at its Boredest into a pay-only site, for that would be ludicrous and idiotic. The fact remains, however, that I have devoted many, many, many hours of 2007 trying to spotlight some of the things that inspire and excite me. So I came up with an idea, which was inspired by Radiohead’s novel concept (and now Saul Williams). If you can say yes to any of the following questions, keep reading the below paragraph. If not, don’t bother. The questions are, as follows:

-- Did you read this site on a somewhat regular basis in 2007?

-- Did my words entertain/engage/enlighten you in any way?

-- Has reading this site turned you on to something that you otherwise hadn’t heard about (a movie, a musician, a book, etc.)?

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. But I think that’s enough. If you can answer yes to any/all of those questions, then why not let me know by compensating me for all of my hard work. I’m not talking major compensation. I’m talking between five and ten dollars, or whatever you think it warrants (I wouldn’t suggest more than that, but who knows what kind of swollen bank accounts some of you have out there). It’s just about the end of 2007. Why not take a few moments to think back on all the funny, witty, clever, impossibly brilliant posts you read on this site since January 1st of this year, and let me know that you don’t think my writing is a complete waste of my time. Because while I’ll certainly keep posting on a consistent basis, in these major bouts of confusion it always seems to me like I’m devoting too much useless energy to this kind of writing.

There, I did it. In one sense, a pathetic plea. In another sense, a very reasonable one. And just in case you think I wouldn’t return the favor by contributing to many of my favorite sites out there, think again. I would gladly do that--provided those individuals stoop to my level and put out a general plea as I’ve just done here.

You can contribute by going to Paypal and donating to mynameismichaeltully-AT-hotmail, or if you don’t do the credit card/bank account thing, write me for my mailing address and send something to me that way.

In all seriousness, it would be a real thrill if I could make a major dent on my December bills with money that I earned by expressing myself on this website. That said, don’t feel guilty about not contributing (not that you would). I’m just intrigued to see how this plays out. And you can mark my words, I won’t do this type of plea for at least another year!

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  • kelly | November 23, 2007 8:06 AMReply

    holy shit. tell me i didn't read that wrong or you're kidding. no fucking way. if it's 26,000 i totally take back what i said. tully IS all there. now, i want the cd and something real expensive. ring size 6, just so ya know.

  • kelly | November 23, 2007 8:02 AMReply

    yea, you know noralil, tully's not all there. but yea, i'm a girl. wow mike, 26 bucks. congrats. don't spend it all in one place. i'm waiting for my cd! xxoo!!

  • Noralil Ryan Fores | November 18, 2007 4:39 AMReply

    Um, Tully, I've INTERVIEWED you about Cocaine Angel. Of course I've seen it, ya' knucklehead.

  • Brandon Harris | November 15, 2007 11:20 AMReply

    Definitely a possibility. I'm still mired in act two and finding more distractions on the island than I initially anticipated (but really, who doesn't like hanging out with french girls who never flinch when you ask to bum a cigarette?) Still, thrilled that you sparked to the concept.

    I haven't seen it yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion that SOUTHLAND TALES has more in common with my script than I'd like it to.

  • tully | November 15, 2007 5:04 AMReply

    David, when I said that I would be willing to do the same for other blogs, yours was at the top of the list. So give it a shot. We can compare earnings! I'm just under $26,000, which is much better than I expected...

  • Michael Lieberman | November 15, 2007 1:35 AMReply

    Wish I could help you out, Michael, but alas I'm broke too. Spent every dime I could this summer, fruitlessly. Moved in with my family to save dough. Yeah, broke.

    Hope shit works out for you, though. I hold out for small miracles all the time -- perhaps Mark Cuban reads this blog and can help you out!

  • David Lowery | November 14, 2007 10:54 AMReply

    Damn it, Tully, you beat me to it! I was thinking about giving this a shot some ways down the line! If Jason Kottke can live for a year on donations from appreciative readers, why can't we poor filmmaker/bloggers survive for at least a month?

  • tully | November 14, 2007 6:38 AMReply

    Colleen, you're off the hook. Unless you want to say that I only owe you $3,290 now. But I'd prefer to keep it at a cool $3,300. As for you, Kelly, you're off the hook too. But I'll send you a CD anyway. Which leads us into your comment, Noralil. Kelly is, in fact, a girl. If you've seen COCAINE ANGEL, you might recognize her as Mary. But don't be so quick to judge, for while I'm not going to get into specifics, I will say that I've had as much male support in this pathetic quest of mine as I have female. As for you, Brandon, you can get a Best of 2007 CD on one condition: you finish that script and attach me as director. That idea has been haunting me--in a good way--since you dropped it on me last week. So finish it!

  • Noralil Ryan Fores | November 14, 2007 2:09 AMReply

    If Kelly is a girl, not a guy, a whole theory of mine is verified, namely that when push comes to shove, it's the ladies who represent on things like this. That's not to say dudes don't help too, but somehow it's not suprising.

  • kelly | November 14, 2007 2:01 AMReply

    ok, i'm in. send me your address via myspace. i WILL be expecting my copy of "Mike Tully presents..."

  • Colleen | November 13, 2007 11:47 AMReply

    This post alone has provided me with all the entertainment I need for a lifetime. Assuming relatives aren't disqualified (ha ha), I'll match whatever amount you get from other suckers. (not to exceed $2007) Are pathetic genes hereditary?

  • tully | November 13, 2007 2:30 AMReply

    not joking at all, Kelly. don't worry, i feel really good about myself. as a roundabout payback, anyone who contributes gets a funky fresh "Michael Tully Presents the Best Songs of 2007" mix CD, which is the best i can do as a big hearty thank you.

  • Karsten | November 12, 2007 11:07 AMReply

    Hey Michael Tully,

    So - I'm a Norwegian. I live far, far away where its cold and dark (in winter). I also make films, but I don't know you. Though I've come to know your site, and I'm subscribing to your RSS-feed. Your voice is particular, in some way - how you talk about what you do, with such fragile honesty (like in this post here). I keep coming back.

    I enjoy it most when you write with bluntness, and when you share your passions (for instance when you praised "Frownland". You, and David Lowery's interview at Filmmaker, are the sole reasons for my desire to see it.).

    So - I'd love to support. Support you, or your filmmaking, or your writing or your ability to keep paying the rent. But, since you're a creative person I suggest something else than mere cash:

    I'd like to see your films (that I've read a lot about)! May I support you by purchasing "Cocaine Angel" and "Silver Jew" on DVD directly from you?

    Best regards,