Dialogue Editin'

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully October 25, 2005 at 1:26AM

Dialogue Editin'

I'm three days away from the most exhilaratingly exciting day of my life up to this point, yet why do I wish someone would break into my house and shoot me in the fucking head? The mind is a truly bizarre invention. Someday I hope to figure mine out. Until then, I will let it ebb and flow me like the hapless passenger that I am. But, as I keep telling myself (or trying so desperately to), the lower the low, the higher the high that is certain to follow. As in, THIS FRIDAY!

There, I'm glad I got that off my chest. Now, on to matters of actual relevance.

I spent a long weekend trapped in the maze of Final Cut, dialogue editing COCAINE ANGEL. Man, i don't know, it sounds pretty fucking tight to me. There's one definite boom rattle moment, but other than that, everything is decipherable and fine, I don't think I'm kidding myself. At this point, it's just a matter of finding the mandatory backgrounds/effects, dumping them into that mofo, and getting the levels correct. When you have no materials with which to work, you make use of what you've got. Which is what we've done from the very beginning with this thing. Which is why it has some actual SPIRIT and SOUL.

In preparation for tomorrow night's final "test screening" in DC (sponsored by the lovely folks at Brainbox Productions--www.brainbox.tv), I just watched the output with my mom, who has now sat through this depressing descent into the dark side two times. She didn't seem to appreciate my sound work, but she said she thought it sounded better than fine, which is as great a compliment as I could hope to receive at this point.

I don't know, I'm really fucking proud of COCAINE ANGEL. We've got it nearly locked at 79 minutes, which is the perfect length for this type of material. I'm submitting it to Rotterdam and Berlin tomorrow. As if a cold submission will work, but if anything does at this point, I'm confident that this cut will do the trick. I have a strange hunch that European audiences will respond to the film more energetically than American ones, but that isn't to say that a South by Southwest world premiere wouldn't be like The Coolest Thing Ever.

I'm reading LUST FOR LIFE now. Haven't gotten very far, but already Vincent Van Gogh's life has made mine look like the funnest vacation ever...

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