Even... Closer...

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully January 4, 2006 at 2:21AM

Even... Closer...

I'm literally about to jump in the car and leave Charleston (and Colleen) behind for Wilmington. Thanks for everything, Coll. I know I seem like a miserable, depressed person, but I'm actually not. I've just gotten old and boring. This is the new me, I'm afraid. Oh well. It could be worse. Use your imagination.

I hope tonight's national championship game is filled with as many big GOOD plays as last night's was filled with big bad ones. Those kickers should both find new hobbies. And while we're on the subject, what the fuck is a "nittany?" As in, the Penn State NITTANY Lions. Seriously, what is a "nittany?"

The film has been color corrected, and provided a minor mess-up on my end is as easily resolved as it should be, this afternoon will be spent doing a general sweep of the film and perfecting the end credits (which will probably earn the title of "Most Generic Credits Ever"). Once we output the film to digi-beta tomorrow, I'll hit the road and drop off the tape in Arlington to get it transferred to PAL digi-beta. Hopefully by Tuesday the master is in the mail and I can turn my full attention to Netflix and reading books.

I did have an epiphany this weekend about my next project, which has given me a little bit of a creative spark. Need to do another pass on the script, but I think it's pretty close. DAYDREAM it is, bitches!

I should have my own "best of 2006" lists published by next week, though I really want to see THE NEW WORLD before I finalize anything.

And as for the miners in West Virginia, I woke up this morning thinking a miracle had occurred. Instead, it's like a cruel joke was played on everyone in that town. I hope the media will get the fuck out of there and leave those people to their grieving.

Sayonara Johns Island...

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