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I take it everyone has heard about the most recent brilliant marketing strategy by Arin Crumley and Susan Buice with regards to their film FOUR EYED MONSTERS. As if these kids weren't already indie film trailblazers for the 21st Century, this month they have taken things to a whole 'nother level.

I don't know which came first, but at this stage they're working in conjunction with one another, so that doesn't really matter:

Watch FOUR EYED MONSTERS on YouTube. Right now. Right here. For free. Yes, the entire film. Just like that.

Then, go to this page at When you sign up for free, Spout will give Arin and Susan one dollar. Just like that.

Truth be told, if Susan and Arin keep selling DVDs and getting people to register, their mission will be firmly accomplished and they'll no longer have to come up with crazy ways to sell their film. At that point, they'll be able to turn their attention to a new one.

I just watched FOUR EYED MONSTERS (on DVD, not YouTube) and I have to say that it really, really, really impressed me. When I learned that Crumley had gotten a Spirit Award nomination for Best Cinematography, I thought it was a complete sham. Little did I know just how inventive the photography is. I don't know much about after effects and things like that, but that doesn't matter. This film is bursting with ideas and execution that belies the film's budget. In trying to muster up the courage to shoot my own New York story this fall, seeing a work like this is very inspiring.

Congratulations and good luck to Arin and Susan. I'm too old to do what you guys are doing (I barely have the energy to make the film, let alone invent a whole new way to market it), which is why I find the FOUR EYED MONSTERS story so refreshing and admirable.

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